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Off Campus Procedures

CSUSB Non-affiliated Space Reservation Procedures (as of 7.1.2023)


These procedures work in accordance with the following CSUSB Policies:

University Event Policy

Speech and Advocacy Policy

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy


  1. State facilities may be used only through a written, contractual lease, license, or use agreement from the university. The university does not accept any costs or liability arising from the activities associated with the event. The lease form shall conform to the specific requirements of the State University Administrative Manual.
  2. Responsibilities of the requestor:
    1. The requester of the space is designated as the one who will be held accountable for adhering to all university policies, the safety of the persons attending the event, and the preservation of the facility.
    2. The requestor shall be held responsible for any and all damages to university property. Failure to pay scheduled fees or damages may result in the immediate loss of scheduling privileges.
    3. No organization or person may reserve space on behalf of another organization or person. Organizations may not sell, sublease, or transfer reservations to another individual or organization. The requestor reserving the space must be the primary organizer and user of the space for the event.
  3. Non-affiliated organizations or people may request space up to 9 months prior to their meeting/event.  All facilities must be scheduled in advance as follows:
    1. Low Risk: general meetings, campus community member only, standard room set-ups, etc., a minimum of 10 working days prior to the meeting
    2. Medium Risk: meetings open to the public, events with food, small public events (less than 100), etc., a minimum of 20 working days prior to the event
    3. High Risk: Conferences, carnivals, concerts, Festivals, 5k’s, etc., a minimum of 60 working days prior to the event
  4. Non-affiliated organizations or people can request space submitting the following forms:
  1. All non-affiliated related events must be protected with a certificate of insurance. Comprehensive or commercial insurance coverage will be required of users not covered by the University's insurance coverage. The coverage must have minimum limits for each occurrence of $1,000,000, and a general aggregate of $2,000,000 per event. The certificate of insurance must name the following: the State of California, the Trustees of the California State University; California State University, San Bernardino; and the appropriate university auxiliary (where applicable), as additional insureds. Non-affiliated users must provide the same liability insurance coverage as outlined above and execute a "hold harmless" instrument as well.
  2. After the form is completed and submitted, Special Events will evaluate the availability of your request.  Please note that this process will take longer if:
    1. Food is being served/sold at your event
    2. Additional/specialized equipment is necessary
    3. Risk Assessment is necessary
    4. Additional meetings are required to review event details
  3. After all of the details of the event have been reviewed and all of the required paperwork has been submitted, Special Events will email a confirmation or contract with all of the event details and the associated fees to the requestor.   The reservation process is completed only when the requestor has received a written confirmation of the request from Special Events.  By this confirmation you have agreed to our lease agreement terms and conditions. 


  1. Cancellations must be made accordingly:
    1. Meetings must be cancelled no later than two (2) business days prior to the meeting
    2. Minor and Major Events must be cancelled no later than ten (10) business days prior to the event
  2. Charges accrued to date will be assessed for cancelled functions when any costs have been incurred prior to the notice of cancellation.
  3. Failure to cancel reserved space in a timely manner may result in the assessment of additional charges. Chronic failure to relinquish unused space may result in the loss of scheduling privileges.
  4. Changes in reservations which incur costs to the university will result in the assessment of additional charges.


The sponsoring group shall be held responsible for any and all damages to university property caused by their event. Failure to pay scheduled fees or damages, or failure to comply with this policy of responsible supervision may result in the immediate loss of scheduling privileges.


Reassignment of space may be necessary occasionally to accommodate priority university programs or campus construction. Requestors will be notified by Special Events.  


The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly controlled by the CSUSB's Alcohol and Other Drug policy. All uses of alcoholic beverages on campus must comply with this policy.