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Policies & Guidelines

CSUSB Policies


Free Speech Guidelines

If your group will be setting up a table (vendor, display, distribute marketing materials, etc.), a prior reservation is required. On-campus groups need to submit the SRR form and off-campus groups the FLAR form. You may bring you own table (and chairs) or rent them from us for $25/day. Please note parking is $6/day. Parking permits can be purchased at the Parking Information Booths or from lot dispensers, see Campus Map for Locations. Parking rates subject to change. 

Handbills and Circulars

Non-commercial leaflets, fliers, handbills and circulars may be distributed at all times in the designated Free Speech areas from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Any non-university group or individual who is not a student or employee of the university that seeks to circulate such handbills and circulars should register with the office of Student Leadership and Development at CSUSB and with the Office of the Dean at PDC upon arrival by providing copies of the material they will be circulating and identifying any organizational affiliation. Personal identification is not required. Handbills and circulars may not be left on the windshields of automobiles parked on university grounds.

Designated Public Forums

The Northeast section of the Library Lawn at the San Bernardino campus is designated public forum in which all members of the university community and non-university community may exercise their free speech rights without special restriction. 

All areas are available to individual students, faculty, staff and university organizations on a first-come, first-served basis for free speech activities. If and when sound amplification is to be used at any of the San Bernardino campus sites, prior reservations must be made as described in Section XI (on policy). 

Distribution of Published Materials

The display and free distribution of books, newspapers, pamphlets and other published materials is permitted provided that such published materials are not available for sale at the campus bookstore. Sale, display or distribution of published materials will be permitted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, or at other times by special permit, in the designated vendor area as indicated in Section XII, or other location by special permit, provided such activity conforms to:

  • No harassment of persons in the area. 
  • No physical contact of individuals without their consent. 
  • No prolonged or repeated contact with persons who have declined the material. 
  • No noise louder than normal conversation. 
  • No illegal misrepresentation of the true name or purpose of the material or of any organization involved in its distribution. 

For more information see the Policy on Speech and Advocacy.