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Student Clubs

Scheduling Information for On-Campus Student Clubs/Organizations

Only club officers who are financially responsible (as listed on the current charter) may reserve facilities/space.

We reserve the right to book an alternate location that meets the students’ needs based on available space and university cost savings. 

All Reservations need to be made through the EMS WebApp

EMS Student User Guide

General Information

  • Student Clubs/Organizations may request space on a semester-by-semester basis. During the fifth (5th) week of any given semester, forms may be submitted to Special Events and Guest Services for the next semester. 
  • "Charter clubs and organizations may reserve meeting space normally not to exceed two hours per meeting" per Facility Use Policy. Also on this policy, please see "regular operating hours" for scheduling purposes.
  • For all outside events, an itemized list of ALL event activities and equipment being used is required. This is to be submitted in EMS.
  • For events such as dances or concerts, or that expect more than 150 attendees, please refer to the Student Clubs and Student Organizations Special Events for further guidance.

Steps to Reserving a Facility / Space

  • Club officers can log on to EMS through the MyCoyote Portal.  NOTE: Requests must be submitted to Special Events at least three (3) weeks/21 days prior to event date for meetings and minor events; and 30 working days for major events.
  • Special Events will confirm/deny requests via email. This club officer needs to check his/her e-mail for these confirmations/denials. If the club officer does not receive this email, he/she should call Special Events to verify request (909) 537-5236. If requesting grassy fields use, your confirmation will serve as your Field Use Permit

New Event Process for Student Clubs and Organizations: Coyote Connection

Step #1

Submit your request for space via the Event Management System (EMS WebApp)

Advisor is to be listed as a secondary contact

Step #2

Submit your event form via Coyote Connection

*Required for Medium and High Risk Events

Step #3

High Risk Events Only: Meet with the Special Events Committee to Discuss your event

OSE will Schedule this meeting 

Step #4

Event form and space has been approved by OSE when all other campus members approve

*Types of Events: 
Low Risk: Closed General Meeting 
Medium Risk: Open General Meeting 
High Risk: Events with several other components such as large crowds, outdoors, minors, physical activity, open to the public, etc


  • For using facilities on campus, ALL student clubs/organizations must abide by the following:
  • Classrooms are NOT to be altered (no moving/rearranging of desks/chairs).
  • Each group will be required to complete their own setups, breakdowns and cleanup.
  • Candles, confetti and red punch, as well as taping items to the walls, are prohibited.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted at student- sponsored events.
  • A $25 charge will be applied if the room is left untidy.
  • Any use of amplified sound MUST be approved in advance by the Office of Student Engagement. Amplification is permitted from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 4 p.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday pending other events planned at the time of your event. For the specific areas and more information see the Policy on Speech and Advocacy.
  • An energy surcharge, as well as personnel costs, will be added to all student clubs and organizations wishing to use facilities beyond approved normal operating hours. See Special Events and Guest Services for more details.
  • All food provided at event must be approved through Campus Dining Services (Chartwells):
    • If Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) is providing your food, please call them at (909) 537-5916 to place your order. PLEASE NOTE: For events not in the Obershaw Dining Room, food serving tables need to be ordered from Special Events and Guest Services (see Furniture Requests). Tablecloths need to be ordered from Campus Dining Services (Chartwells).
    • If Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) is not providing your food, you need approval from Chartwells and EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) as indicated below:
      • Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) has exclusive rights to provide food and beverage at campus events. The use of an off-campus source for provision of food and beverage requires written approvals from Dining Services and Environmental Health and Safety. If Dining Services has approved the use of an off-campus source, please forward approval to Special Events and Guest Services to REQUIRED: An outside restaurant must show proof of insurance coverage for $2 million general liability. Please email this to Special Events and Guest Services 
      • To receive EHS approval: Complete the  Food Event Notification (FEN) application form two (2) weeks prior to the event and contact EHS at (909) 537-5179. EHS will process the FEN only if Dining Services has given their initial approval. 

If you have any questions, please contact Special Events at (909) 537-5236 or