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On Campus Procedures

On-Campus departmental scheduling procedures refer to any booking by a campus entity that is mission related and funded by the campus department (i.e., through a chart-field string). If funding source is based off-campus please refer to the off-campus booking section.

If you are an on-campus Student Club/ Organization. Please refer to our Student Club/ Organizations Procedures

1. Scheduling Information for On-Campus Groups

Beginning on September 11, 2017 all reservations must be submitted on the EMS WebApp and can be accessed at:

  EMS_WebAppTrainingGuide_8.2.17 Accessible.pdf

Non-academic spaces may be booked a maximum of 1-year in advance and a minimum of 3 days in advance pending the type of event. Forms must be submitted to Special Events at least three (3) working days prior to the event date for meetings (less than 50 attendees with standard set-ups and no external support services required); 10 working days for minor events (less than 50 attendees with custom-set-ups and external support needed); and 20 working days for major events (more than 50 attendees, with or without external support).  All requests regarding Coussoulis Arena require a minimum of 60 days notice.

2. Event Confirmation / Cancellation

Event Confirmation

Once we process your request, you will receive (via email) a confirmation of your reservation with a reservation identification number (RID). If you do not receive this confirmation or follow-up communication within 10 working days AFTER submitting your request, please call x75236 to verify that your request was received. For event requests submitted 3-days out please call x75236 directly after submitting your request to confirm receipt. Failure to confirm your request could result in the space being unavailable.

Event Cancellation and No Shows

If you need to cancel your reservation, please call 909-537-5236 immediately and email stating that you wish to cancel. Failure to notify Special Events verbally and in writing will result in a cancellation fee. Cancellations received with less than 2 working days of your event will result in a fee of $25, plus any expenses incurred on your behalf.  No-shows will automatically incur a fee of $50, plus any expenses incurred on your behalf. Chronic failure to relinquish unused space will result in the loss of scheduling privileges for a specified amount of time. 

A rush fee of $50 will apply if less than 1 week notice is given for an equipment request.

Additionally, a $100 rush fee if requests are received with 24 hours’ notice or less.

A second delivery fee of $30 will be applied when additional requests are made on-site.

A clean up fee will apply if rooms are not returned to their original condition. Please note the following items are prohibited:

  • Candles
  • Glitter
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Red Punch
  • Paint
  • Silly String

Or any other substance that can cause damage to the furniture, carpet, and/or room.

3.  Setups

Clients may select from two options regarding set-ups:

  • Special Events can set-up equipment for a fee, subject to staff and equipment availability.
  • Clients may choose to set-up their own events at no cost.  However, should clients elect to rent Special Events equipment rental fees and delivery charges will be incurred.  All equipment is subject to availability, and may require skill personnel when necessary.

If Special Events resources are exhausted clients will be directed to use preferred vendors.

Special Events can provide consultation upon request.  However, clients are responsible for the scheduling, planning, and implementation of their events.

SEGS provides the following types of standard set-ups, fees may be incurred:


A consultation is required for all requests for Arena and Den events. Each event is customized based on the users needs. The following equipment can be provided for the specialized set-ups in the Arena and the Den:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Bleachers
  • Floor Tarps
  • Podium
  • Program Staging Area
  • Basketball Hoops


A consultation is required for all requests for outdoor events. Each event is customized based on the users needs. The following equipment can be provided for the specialized set-ups for outdoor spaces:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Podium
  • Program Staging Area

Furniture/equipment may be restricted to specific buildings and for specific uses. All furniture/equipment must be returned undamaged. Replacement costs will be applied for damaged/missing furniture/equipment.

Standard furniture/equipment fees are as follows:

  • Furniture/equipment delivery: $30.00
  • Folding Chair: $0.65/ chair
  • 6’ rectangle table : $6.00/table

Set-up: based on needs of event. Contact Special Events and Guest Services for costs.

4. Furniture Requests

For furniture needs, please submit your request through the EMS WebApp under "Request Furniture/Equipment". If you have any questions regarding furniture/equipment please call Special Events and 909-537-5236

5. Audio Visual Equipment Requests

All video and technology requests should be directed to Academic Technology Innovation (ATI) at x75060.

6. Food Service / Serving Alcohol

Food Service

If Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) is providing your food, please call them at 909- 537-5916 to place your order. PLEASE NOTE: For events not in the Obershaw Dining Room food serving tables need to be ordered from Special Events (see Furniture Requests). Tablecloths need to be ordered from Dining Services.

If Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) is not providing your food, you need approval from Chartwells and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department as indicated below:

Campus Dining Services (Chartwells) has exclusive rights to provide food and beverage at campus events. The use of an off-campus source for provision of food and beverage requires written approvals from Campus Dining Services and EHS (Environmental Health and Safety). 

To receive EHS approval complete the:

Food Event Notification (FEN) application form two (2) weeks prior to the event and fax to EHS at (909) 537-7049. EHS will process the FEN only if Campus Dining Services has given their initial approval.

NOTE: If food is not being provided by Chartwells and will be served to off-campus attendees, then a Community Event and Temporary Food Facilities Info Packet is needed instead of the FEN: Please be aware there are fees.

Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement

CSUSB campus facility users are REQUIRED to provide a Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement including Auto and Workers’ Compensation, which must be submitted to the university PRIOR to the scheduled use/activity.  The required insurance MUST provide coverage for: bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage with a $1 million policy and $2 million aggregate.

The certificate must include:

The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, California State University, San Bernardino, and the employees, officers, volunteers, and agents of them are included as additional insured, but only insofar as the operation(s) under this contract are concerned.

Serving Alcohol

All events requesting to serve alcoholic beverages must fill out the Alcohol Use Permit form. We will review the permit and submit it University Police for approval.

NOTE: If an organization/group is charging admission for a reception/dinner where alcohol is served, in addition to the permit indicated above, an ABC-221 form must be filled out.

Please be aware there is a fee.

Submission instructions

If you are not charging admission for the event, it will not be necessary to fill out an ABC form; just the CSUSB Alcohol Use Permit.

7. Parking

Parking fees shall be assessed to park vehicles at CSUSB. Parking is enforced 7-days a week. Please contact Parking Services to make parking arrangements for your event.

8. Electronic Marquee / Email Calendars

Electronic Marquee

Please contact the of Office of Strategic Communication for more information.

9. Cost Recovery

Special Events and Guest Services has updated our cost recovery methodology to align with the CSU Chancellor’s Office Policy 8543151.
All reservations made after June 30, 2018 by auxiliary, enterprise and self-supported departments will be impacted by this updated cost recovery formula.  These departments may have charges such as room fees, labor, utility fees, media/IT charges, and any applicable additional hard costs to the university.   
State-side departments will not be impacted by this policy, but should note that they will still be charged any hard costs to the university. 
Special Events and Guest Services reviews all charges and costs annually to remain compliant with the CSU Chancellor’s Policies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Special Events at x75236.