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University Event Policy

University Event Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Reviewed By: Administrative Council
Approved By: President Morales
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For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department:  Special Events and Guest Servivces, 909-537-7360.

The purpose of this document is to set forth appropriate standards, priorities, and guidelines for scheduling facilities and events which are consistent with the mission of the university and assure the safety of its constituents. Programs which are not consistent with the mission of the university or which are deemed to present safety concerns to participants or members of the university community may not be sanctioned by the university. Operational procedures for scheduling specific facilities on campus are available through the administrative office responsible for the facility as referenced in the Facility Use Procedures. In this policy, the term "facility" is to be interpreted as a university-controlled building or its grounds.


Use of state educational facilities is governed by the State Education Code which is summarized in the State University Administrative Manual (SUAM).  Events are permitted on the California State University, San Bernardino campus only if they do not interfere with normal University business and/or previously scheduled events. Campus facilities and grounds will be assigned in a manner which maximizes efficiency of operation.  Events are categorized into three groups based on risk levels:

  • Low Risk: general meetings, campus community member only, standard room set-ups, food provided by the campus catering services, etc.
  • Medium Risk: meetings open to the public, selling pre-packaged food, small public events (less than 70), outdoor location, after hours, etc.
  • High Risk: Carnivals, concerts, Festivals, 5k’s, large public events and conferences (more than 70), preparing/cooking food, etc.

Groups Authorized to Use Campus Buildings and Grounds

The campus makes space available on a first-come, first-served basis, to both university and non-university affiliated groups.  However, academic classes for student courses have the priority for space usage and activities may be moved or rescheduled to meet the needs of academic courses.

University departments/programs may request space up to one (1) year in advance of event. Chartered Students Clubs and Organizations, may schedule regular meetings up to nine (9) months before the beginning of the academic semester requested. Non-University organizations or individuals may schedule space up to nine (9) months in advance of the event.

Facility Use Requests

State facility use reservation process and procedures are managed by the Special Event and Guest Services department.  Visit the Special Events and Guest Services website for the procedures.

Facilities Use Fees

The university assesses fees, as appropriate, for uses of real property (i.e., buildings and grounds), equipment, personnel, utilities, etc.   For state-supported facilities, state funded campus departments/programs, and chartered student clubs & organizations will be charged only for additional personnel and special services requirements over and above routine operating patterns and costs (i.e., for expenses not included in the university's normal daily operation.)  Campus affiliated auxiliary units and self-support operations will be charged a space use fee, in addition to the costs of supporting the event.  Non-university affiliated groups will be charged for space use and any costs for additional support. Misuse of space may result in additional charges, or denial of future usage.

For self-supported facilities (Center for Global Innovations and Yasuda Center), the College of Extended and Global Education assesses fees for space and the cost of supporting events.

For student-supported facilities (Santos Manuel Student Union), the Santos Manuel Student Union accesses fees for spaces and the cost of supporting events.

In order for an event to be considered a CSUSB sponsored event the following criteria must be met:

  • A CSUSB faculty, staff or student must reserve the space, provide funding and be present at planning meetings and the actual event
  • Event must be CSUSB mission related

Facility Use Condition, Damages and Destroyed Properties
University facilities must be restored to their original condition at the end of the event.  Failure to leave the facility in good order may result in additional charges, or denial of future usage.  The event requestor/sponsoring group shall be held responsible for any and all damages to university property caused by their event. Failure to pay scheduled fees or damages, or failure to comply with this policy of responsible supervision may result in the immediate loss of scheduling privileges.

Delegation of Authority

For state-supported facilities, the Director of Special Events and Guest Services or a designee has the authority to approve facilities use agreements, up to and including $5,000.  Above that amount, and for any Coussoulis Arena agreements, Procurements and Contracts (Purchasing) must approve the facilities use agreement.

For self-support facilities, the Dean of the College of Extended and Global Education or a designee has the authority to approve facilities use agreements.

For student-support facilities, the Executive Director or a designee has the authority to approve facilities use agreements.

University Event Committee

At the discretion of the University Event Committee, event requesters may require approval from the University Event Committee.  The University Event Committee reserves the right to assess and identify the level of risk of all events using the following factors and make recommendations to mitigate the risks:

  • Determine that the complexity of the event requires the involvement of more than one campus administrative unit;
  • Determine if the event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security or significantly affects campus services;
  • Determine that the event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with other campus functions or activities.

The University Event Committee is comprised of at least one representative from each division such as Facilities Management, University Police Department, Parking Services, Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Associated Students, Inc., Housing and Residential Education, John M. Pfau Library, College of Extended and Global Education, Santos Manuel Student Union and Special Events and Guest Services.

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