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Facility Lease Agreement Request Form

Complete this form as indicated. Special Events and Guest Services requires at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. Facilities are scheduled on a first-comed basis. After approval by Special Events and Guest Services​, you will receive a confirmation of your space request via e-mail. If you do not, please contact Special Events and Guess Services to confirm receipt of your request: 909-537-5236 or For information regarding events, please visit our Web poage. Please be specific, as this information may be reported to the Web page. (Please feel free to attach additional information.)

We suggest that you not print this page. You will receive an automated email response with all your submitted information, as your receipt.

TIME: Event time is the actual time of your event; reserved time is the time needed before and after for setup and cleanup.

Your Organization / Company
Will President Morales be attending?
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Standard Setup Types

Descriptions of the Standard Setup Types are defined on the bottom of this page.

Fees will be applied for SPECIAL setups. Contact Special Events and Guest Services for costs.

Will you need any furniture?
Will you be charging admission?
Will food be provided?
If yes, will CSUSB Sodexo be catering your event?

Food Event Notification forms may be required for events serving food not provided by Sodexo. For more information, contact Special Events and Guest Services or Environmental Health and Safety.

Will alcohol be served?

A Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages MUST be submitted to Scheduling Events and Guest Services prior to the event and you MUST comply with University Policy on Alcohol.

Will you need AV equipment?
If yes, check all AV equipment needed
Will your event have amplified sound?

Certificate of Insurance - Off-campus users of CSUSB facilities are REQUIRED to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the university PRIOR to the scheduled use/activity. The required insurance MUST provide coverage for: bolidy injury, personal injury, and property damage with a limit of $1 million overall. The certificate MUST state, "The State of California, The Trustees of the California State University, California State University, San Bernardino, and the employees, officers, and agents of each of them are included as additional insureds, but only insofar as the operation(s) under this contract are concerned." Please email certificate to ASAP

Hold Harmless Agreement: Please fill out the Hold Harmless Agreement and submit to Special Events and Guest Services.

Interim Campus Energy Policy - A utility surcharge will be applied to all facilities used "after hours." Please contact Special Events and Guest Services for costs.

Parking – Is enforced 7-days a week. For all off-campus guests, parking arrangements are needed. Please contact Special Events and Guest Services (x75236).

Marquee – To post your event to the marquee, a Marquee Request Form is required.

Non-Discrimination Certification - If the user is an organization, the requester hereby certifies by his/her signature, that the constitution or the bylaws of the organization that he/she represents do not restrict membership on the basis of color, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, or physical handicap.

If you are in need of an accommodation for your disability in order to participate in this event, please contact Special Events and Guest Services at 909-537-5236 at least 72 hours in advance.

Billing Address
General Terms

General Terms

  1. The TRUSTEES, for and in consideration of the agreements of the LESSEE hereinafter expressed, hereby lease to the LESSEE, and the LESSEE leases from the TRUSTEES, that property of the CAMPUS described in the Special Provisions for the term therein specified.
  2. The LESSEE agrees to pay as rental for the said property an amount computed for the term of this lease at the rental rate per unit of time or event specified in the Special Provisions, plus any special charges specified therein, payable at the date or dates set forth therein.
  3. The LESSEE shall use the said property only for the purposes specified in the Special Provisions.
  4. The TRUSTEES agree to furnish all necessary utilities for the said property, including heat, water, and also light if the property is specified to be “with lights” except when such services cannot be supplied for causes beyond the control of the TRUSTEES and except when there is a failure or defect in the physical plant or utility lines, whether or not such failure or defect is beyond the control of the TRUSTEES, if the failure or defect cannot reasonably be remedied in time for use by the LESSEE during the term hereof. The TRUSTEES agree to furnish all janitorial services required for said property.
  5. The LESSEE may not make alterations or place or attach any fixtures, signs, or equipment in, or upon the said property except those alterations, fixtures, signs, and equipment described in the Special Provisions. Any fixtures, signs, and equipment provided by LESSEE shall remain the property of the LESSEE and shall be removed by the LESSEE from said property prior to the termination of this lease, or renewal thereof, restore said property to the same condition as that existing at the time of entering upon the same under this lease, reasonable wear and tear and damages by the elements or by circumstances over which the LESSEE had no control excepted.
  6. CAMPUS-owned furniture or apparatus may not be removed or displaced by LESSEE or any agent, employee, or invitee of the LESSEE without permission of the TRUSTEES. The LESSEE shall cause any furniture or apparatus displaced to be replaced to the satisfaction of the TRUSTEES immediately after any event or occasion for which the property is used by LESSEE.
  7. The LESSEE shall not violate nor suffer to be violated any federal or state law, local ordinance, or rule of the TRUSTEES or of the CAMPUS.
  8. It is understood and agreed that the TRUSTEES and their agents shall have the right to enter the said property or any part thereof at any time for the purpose of examination or supervision, or for the purpose of making repairs and alterations thereto as may be determined necessary by the TRUSTEES.
  9. The LESSEE agrees to indemnify and save harmless the TRUSTEES, their officers, agents, and employees, from any and all loss, damage, or liability that may be suffered or incurred by the TRUSTEES, their officers, agents, and employees, caused by, arising out of, or in any way connected with the use by the LESSEE of the said property.
  10. It is mutually understood and agreed that this lease is not assignable by the LESSEE either in whole or in part, nor shall the LESSEE sublet any part of the said property.
  11. This agreement may be terminated by either party up to two (2) business days for meetings; 10 business days for all other events via written (email/fax) notice to the other party of this lease.
  12. All notices herein required to be given, or which may be given by either party to the other, shall be deemed to have been fully given when made in writing and deposited in the United States Mail, registered and postage prepaid, and addressed as herein provided or sent to the recipient’s email address. Notice to the LESSEE shall be addressed to the LESSEE at the LESSEE’s address set forth on the signature page hereof or LESSEE’s email address which is listed on the signature page. Notice to the STATE shall be addressed to the Special Events and Guest Services Office at CSUSB: 5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407 or emailed to:
  13. The LESSEE who signs the form is designated as the responsible party and ensures the requesting organization adheres to all university policies, the safety of the persons attending the event, and the care of the facility. If the requesting group is an organization, the Lessee should be an officer, leader, chairperson, or club advisor of the organization. The Lessee assumes liability of the event. The Lessee, as the responsible party, shall be held responsible for any damages to University property as a result of the event, and guarantees his or her presence throughout the entire event’s schedule. The Lessee cannot request a reservation on behalf of another organization or individual; may not sell, sublease, or transfer reservations to another individual or organization; and, must be the primary user of the space for the event.
  14. Reassignment of space by the University may be necessary occasionally to accommodate priority University programs. Such reassignment will be determined by Special Events and Guest Services or upon recommendation of the Facilities Use Committee to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.
  15. The University has many other policies that an outside organization should be aware of when planning its event. Some of these policies are listed in this section.