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Hospitality Management Certificate

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Employee Relations

The fundamentals of employee relations, including: proper structure of an employee handbook; regulations, rules and laws as they pertain to wage and hours, interviewing and sexual harassment, and the consequences of violations; setting employee goals; conducting constructive, dignified evaluations using various scenarios; designing employee training programs and how they should be evaluated for optimal effectiveness.

Introduction to Hospitality Management

The foundations of the hospitality management business and an overview of careers in the industry. This module provides an introduction to business components such as marketing, management, financial accounting and information technology. Students will also receive an overview on developing a career path and implementing it to rise through an organization, identifying opportunities, interactions, networking and interdependencies.

Promotions and Social Media

How to integrate social media and promotions with marketing communications. A background on judging the overall impact of messages guests see, hear and experience; building a promotional campaign utilizing traditional, non-traditional and social media; scheduling communications, what should be covered and estimating costs; managing an organization’s online reputation based on style of communication, potential perception and responding on social media.

Revenue Management

Predicting consumer behavior to optimize an organization’s revenue. An overview on the principle of “selling the right rooms, to the right customer, at the right time, for the right price”. Students will learn: planning for local seasons, events, groups, and trends; balancing service quality and labor cost efficiency; employee scheduling and coverage grids; revenue management systems; an overview on financial statements.

Target Markets and Customer Service

Identifying primary and secondary target markets using demographic and psychographic characteristics and how to utilize this information to locate lead sources. Students will also review: sales techniques and strategies; predicting customer service opportunities; customer expectations, experiences, and service gaps.

Leadership and Team Building

How to become a successful leader, coach, and mentor in an organization. An overview on: self-assessment of personality, attitude, and leadership style; qualities, styles, and expectations of a successful leader; building teams in all facets of an organizations, to reach and surpass goals, maintain and increase morale, and optimize employee performance.

Introduction to Tribal Casino Operations Management

An overview of the structure, regulations, and business model of tribal-government owned gaming and hospitality enterprises. This module includes: an exploration of the differences between the tribal gaming industry and the commercial gaming industry, with an emphasis on the use of gaming revenues; an examination of the political context for legal gaming in the United States; operations of and between gaming and hospitality areas.