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“Who am I”: Exploring your Personality

  1. Request how to "Build Your Mission Statement" with your LINK Leader 

  2. MBTI: Assessment indicating your psychological preferences in how you perceive the world and make decisions while the assessment attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

  3. Kiersey Temperament Sorter: Transforms your understanding of people.

    1. Overview of Personality Temperament 

  4. SMART Goals

    1. Request how to write a "Letter to Myself" with your LINK Leader

“Social Connectedness”: Relationship Building


  1. 3 Mentoring Pillars 

  2. Create/Update

    1. The Coyote Network

    2. LinkedIn

  3. Deepen friendships and relationships

    1. Coyote Connections

“Understandings Others”: Cultural Competence

  1. Community Engagement

  2. Value differences in Others: How can an understanding and appreciation of diversity help with personal and academic success?

  3. Diversity to inclusion: What is diversity and why is it important?

“Academic Excellence”: Engage with Academics

  1. Advising & Academic Services

    1. Who is My Advisor? 

      1. Short Article: What should I major in? (Article)

      2. What can I do with a major in?: Online resource where you can explore careers related to different majors

    2. Study Skills

  2. College Motivation


    2. Daily Motivator

  3. Support Services

    1. Tutoring

    2. Supplemental Instruction

    3. Writing Center

  4. Faculty Office hours 

    1. Research

    2. Internships

  5. Preparing for Graduate School

    1. Graduate School Research Options


      2. The Princeton Review

      3. California Colleges

      4. O*NetOnline

    1. HETS Virtual Plaza: Practice Admissions Exam: SAT/GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/NCLEX/LSAT/MCAT/ASVAB

“Career Exploration”: Exploring your Options

  1. Explore Major & Careers

  2. Career Advice Articles

  3. What do you want to do for a living?

  4. Career Builder

  5. California Career Zone

  6. Career Interest Profiler: Holland’s Theory of Career Choice provides a list of careers that matches Holland's categories

  7. The Flower “That one piece of paper”

  8. Career Exploration Tool 

    1. O*NetOnline

    2. California Colleges

  9. Handshake: Job Search

  10. Jobs Internships, & Volunteer  

“Career Readiness”: Building your Professionalism

  1. Career One Stop Center

    1. Neuvoo: Neuvoo site also lets you enter the job and city you are seeking to find available jobs.

    2. Career Profiles 

    3. Career Center

      1. Resume, Cover Letters, & CV’s

        1. Resume Now

        2. Cover Letter Now

        3. Short Article: Even Students Need Good Cover Letters

      2. References/Requesting Letters of Recommendations

      3. Interview Skills

      4. Elevator Pitch

    4. Building Professional Connections 

      1. LinkedIn

      2. Linkedin Learning

      3. The Coyote Network

    5. Creating a Portfolium

    6. Jobs for Graduating Students

      1. After College: After College helps recent graduates find jobs from over 25,000 employers based on their interests, skills, degree, and schools.

      2. College Central: A resource students may have used during their undergraduate job search, College Central gives alumni access to their schools’ job databases as well as College Central’s national job database.

      3. CollegeGrad: CollegeGrad has been helping connect recent graduates with meaningful jobs since 1995.

      4. College Recruiter: College Recruiter helps connect graduates with jobs and employers with qualified applicants. The site also provides other useful tools, like free resume critiques and a salary calculator.

      5. Indeed: Indeed website lets you enter the job and city you are seeking, followed by a list of available jobs. 

“Engaged Learning”: Connecting Passions to Interests

  1. Coyote Connections: Clubs/Organizations

  2. Study Abroad

    1. BUNAC: BUNAC connects U.S. students with work opportunities in Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand as well as internship opportunities in Great Britain, South Africa, Spain, Asia, Australia and Central America.

    2. Go Abroad: Students can search for international internships, learn about getting college credit for them and get help choosing the program that best suits them through Go Abroad’s internship search.

    3. iHipo: Features a wealth of resources for finding jobs and internships abroad, including a job search tool, detailed company profiles, and interview advice.

    4. Transitions Abroad: Transitions Abroad has tons of articles and resources to help students learn about various aspects of studying abroad, including working, interning, volunteering and teaching.

  3. Research

    1. The Office of Student Research 

    2. College of Natural Science Field Work Opportunities

      1. Internships in Biology 

    3. External Opportunities

  4. Internships






    6. U.S. Department of State

  5. Volunteering 


“Your Perception is your reality”: What’s your next step?

  1. YOU

    1. Self-care: Mental Health Wellness

      1. Reality Check

        1. Succeed 

        2. Thrive

        3. Matter

  2. SMART Goals

  3. Personal Growth

“Achieving Success”: Linking Everything

  1. Enhancing Portfolium

  2. Final reflection