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Student Mentoring Program at CSUSB

Welcome to Mentoring

The mission of the Mentoring Programs at CSUSB is to retain and support undergraduate students through; proactive mentoring, outreach, advocacy, community building, career coaching, academic success programming, personal growth and awareness opportunities.

Mentoring services are available to all CSUSB students. Our programs and mentors, both peer and professional serve Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. 

Are you a First-Time Freshmen?

The Student Mentoring Program fosters the success of first year undergraduate students through peer-to-peer programs that encourage academic excellence, campus connectedness and engagement, personal growth, and professional development of participating students. Students have the opportunity to talk through their college experiences, gain access to campus resources, develop goal setting and time management skills, ask questions, engage in non-academic activities, and much more with peers who have successfully navigated their first year of college.  

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Are you a continuing student?

The Student Mentoring Program fosters a sense of purpose through major and career exploration, professional identity development, campus engagement and sense of belonging. Career readiness is promoted by pairing sophomores, transfer, and continuing students with student mentors to engage in the LINK (learn, innovate, network, know) curriculum. Students who participate in the program establish relationships with mentors to explore co-curricular and professional experiences that compliment academic preparation. 

In person and online services are available. Student mentors meet with students on various online platforms and foster positivity, innovation, and wellness through mentoring, facilitating online workshops, hangout events, and engagement opportunities. 

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