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Summer Bridge Program

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Here is what students had to say about their EOP Summer Bridge experience:

How has the EOP Summer Bridge assisted you in transitioning from high school to CSU, San Bernardino? 

"At first I didn't know anyone, no friends whatsoever, until I saw my classmate from high school, and an old friend from 3 years ago at my old high school. I had them both meet each other, and then the transition through the program went smoothly up until this point, I learned so many new things and so many new people. I know my resources, where to eat, where to use a vacant restroom , I know where to park, I know my fall semester schedule, I know where the majority of the buildings are, even though I haven't been in some of them yet. This transition was truly an excellent experience and I look forward to my fall semester, as well as recommending this program to friends, family and others."

"They gives us a lot of resources on this campus, they help us to know the location of the places. In addition, they help us to understand how college classes work. They help me to be more mature instead being childish."

"It has helped me transition and prepare me for college to understand what to expect and what to prepare myself for when it starts. Especially when it comes to the instructors/mentors."

"It has helped me develop close relationships, making me feel more confident and less alone for tackling college. I am thankful to have experienced this program and honestly it felt like being in a movie being here."

"I think it’s assisted me in becoming familiar with the campus so I’m not so nervous come the fall semester, I’ve gotten great advise and was able to change my schedule as well as making some friends."

"The program had helped me get a feel for the classes here and more of a feel for the campus as well. I had a fun time and look forward to college which was helped through the program."

"They have helped me in so many ways and by having us take classes and meet with counselors. I feel more confident and ready to take on the challenge of college."

"EOP has assisted me in transitioning from high school to CSU because it has got me in a mindset of taking responsibility and it has prepared me to get to my classes and be a good student."

Summer Bridge Students

What component of the EOP Summer Bridge did you find to be most helpful or useful?

"Having to start classes before entering in regular campus."

"The recommendation from my SI leader to use SSD to help me with my homework."

"I feel the counselor advising about my academics and financial aid were very helpful."

"The counselors, the mentors, the resources I have been informed of, the apps I was informed to download on my phone for convenience, the SI office hours and SI itself."

"I found multiple components that were most helpful such as Supplemental Instruction, and the bonding exercises and discussions which support you coming out of your comfort zone."

"The mentor and counselor meetings were the most helpful components of the summer bridge program."

"I found the staff the most useful. Their energy, kindness, and understanding really made Summer Bridge the most enjoyable experience."

"The resources that they provide, all the advice and life skills that they provide."

"The presentations during co-curricular, because it’s actually information that might come in handy later on."

"I found the supplemental instruction to be helpful because it let me do my homework during that time."

When asked to rate their overall EOP Summer Bridge experience, 87% of respondents rated it as “Excellent.”

When surveyed, 91% of EOP Summer Bridge respondents said they would recommend the program to an incoming EOP student.