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Mission and Goals

EOP Alumni Chapter Mission

The Educational Opportunity Program Alumni Chapter (EOPAC) was established to provide the opportunity for academic and life-long success to historically low-income, educationally disadvantaged and/or first-generation college students that seek a future of educational prosperity.

EOPAC strives to provide support to the EOP student, both financially and academically, serves as an advocate at the local and state level and to showcase the program's success. The EOP Alumni Chapter strives to enhance alumni membership and to inform the community at large about the EOP program, its goals, and its benefits.

The EOP Alumni Chapter will work continuously to establish a network that EOP students and alumni can turn to for personal, educational and professional support.

Goals 2019/2020

  1. Increase Alumni membership for the future success of the organization & increase awareness of chapter.
  2. Continue partnering with and including current EOP students in fundraising, volunteer and membership efforts.
  3. Expand annual fundraising/ special events programs offered.
  4. Engage and mentor EOP students/Alumni by providing opportunities for professional & personal growth and development.
  5. Create opportunities where community partners, employers, organizations or private stakeholders can sponsor EOP students to assist with book expenses or other educational related expenses.