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Internships and Careers


Internship Programs for Undergraduates

Student internship opportunities are available for interactive experiences in the workplace and industry. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of academia, we welcome applications from students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), majors as well as many other fields, such related health sciences.

- Applications are open to students who will be enrolled as undergraduates in the beginning of Fall or Spring semester, and who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Underrepresented minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

- Please fill-out the following information Card and email to Dr. Dajani,

1. Name _____________________

2. Coyote ID __________________

3. Major ________________________

4. Year of Study ___________________

5. Able to Travel within 60 miles ____________________

6. Desired Internship start Date ______________________

7. Citizenship Status _____________________

For more information and help to apply for internship opportunities, please contact Dr. Khalil Dajani via email: or CSUSB Career Center, Handshake

Career Day at School of Computer Science & Engineering.  Please refer to the the recent published article of the event at CSUSB CSE to recognize our continuous efforts to support students with scholarships and internships. The university published article can be acceded via link: 

The Career Fair: The event is sponsored by the US Air Force Civilian Service for our CSUSB STEM majors.

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellowship program: the fellowship for graduate students is designed to increase the number of United States citizens trained in science and engineering disciplines of military importance leading to doctoral degrees. Apply via link:

Department of Defense (DoD) SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program: The Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship-for Service Program, funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), is a combined educational and workforce development opportunity for STEM students. With a full scholarship, students pursuing STEM degrees will be able to focus on complex research to further the DoD's mission and create a lasting impact. SMART offers full tuition to undergraduate and graduate students, annual stipends, summer internships, mentorship, and guaranteed employment with the DoD upon graduation. Visit for more information on eligibility and how to apply. The SMART application is open annually from August 1 to December 1.

Department of Defense (DoD) SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program:

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP): 10-week summer research internship for students at a naval laboratory. Apply via link:


For more information, you may contact Dr. Khalil Dajani,

Student Internship Opportunities

STEM Internship Programs

  • Apple Internships
    • Apple’s internship program is garnering the same prestige among employers as the new iPhone is among just about everyone. With opportunities as diverse as computer features, Apple is a good place to begin, even if you are just looking into what kind of opportunities are out there for computer science graduates. One of the best things about Apple’s positions is that they often employ non-Apple users at the internship level. While the majority of opportunities are in Santa Clara, California at Apple headquarters, positions are available around the world. Internships with mobile technologies, for example, can take you to places such as Milan, London, and Tokyo (given you speak the language) while programming, development, and operations internships tend be at the home office. Internships range from a three-month summer rotation to six months during the year, and many are more appropriate for recent graduates with some work experience. To apply:
  • Microsoft Internships
    • Microsoft takes pride in treating its interns like real employees, having them join project groups and assigning tasks that could potentially impact national initiatives and strategies. These groups fall into a number of categories, some outside of software and hardware development like User Experience and Marketing. The perks don’t stop with a real-life work experience. Microsoft interns also receive paid travel to Microsoft (including subsidies for bike purchase/rental!), health club memberships, and discounts on software. To apply:
  • Google Internships
    • Google is well known for their relaxed, supportive community atmosphere and office culture, and interns fit right into this. They offer opportunities for software engineers as well as coders and developers. Like Microsoft, they prefer to throw their interns right into projects in development, and interns will be rubbing elbows with many of the people who bring us the millions of searched that help us all do our jobs each day. And they have free lunch every day! To apply:
  • Oracle Internships
    • For the past 30 years, Oracle has been a leader in the field of database and information management. Known for its ability to grow and change with consumer needs and trends, Oracle remains at the forefront of software development and offers the opportunity for rigorous experiential learning. To apply:
  • NASA Internships
    • NASA offers internships at the Kennedy Space Center to high school, undergraduate and graduate students alike, with the ultimately goal of getting young people interested in pursuing careers in the space sciences. With particular emphasis on the STEM careers, NASA’s internships are designed to coincide with traditional academic years, as well as offering generous compensation. All work is done on site at the center, but NASA’s commitment to learning gives the internship flexibility. Allowing students to present their strengths to find the right fit. To apply:


  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • The Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory is looking for interns interested in exploring a career in research, development, and collaborative application of statistical methods. Our summer internship program is an important part of our recruitment pipeline, and many of our current staff members got their starts as summer interns with our group. To apply:
  • The Lubrizol Corporation
  • Merck Research Laboratories
    • The Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences (BARDS) Department has approximately 15 internships in preclinical biostatistics and clinical biostatistics for full-time graduate students. To apply:
  • Pfizer Inc.

Internship Opportunities and Career Choices – Private Sectors

Top 10 Corporate Internships

Large companies like the following are usually hire a number of interns – sometimes well into the hundreds – at locations all around the US:

Air Force Civilian Service and Paid Internships

Airforce Civilian Service and Paid InternshipsAirforce Civilian Service and Paid Internships Page 2

Airforce Civilian Service and Paid Internships Page 3

Government Internship Programs

    • NASA’s Flight Opportunities program strives to advance the operational readiness of innovative space technologies while also stimulating the growth and use of the U.S. commercial spaceflight industry. NASA's Vision is to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity. While the primary focus is to support activities and provide manufacturing, modification, and repair assistance to operations at the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center. The Flight Opportunities program provides access to space-relevant environments through the use of commercial reusable suborbital launch vehicles, rocket powered Vertical Take-off, Vertical Landing platforms, high-altitude balloons and parabolic aircraft flights. Internship and Career Opportunities information via: and
    • JPL built Explorer 1, which launched in January 1958 and became the first American Earth-orbiting satellite. Later that year, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was founded, and JPL was transferred to the agency by the Army. Since then, JPL has abandoned rocket development for space exploration, but remained under management by Caltech, which is several miles away in Pasadena. JPL is a research and development lab federally funded by NASA and managed by Caltech. An internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has excellent internships that put students in action with the scientists and engineers who’ve helped make JPL the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system. Our programs are as varied as the places we explore, with opportunities across the STEM spectrum for undergrads, graduate students, postdocs and faculty. Join us and do something out of this world. For more information on internships/volunteer opportunities visit:
    • The Mojave airport houses the Stuart Witt Event Center; 23,408 square feet converted training hangar, renovated for special occasions. Available to the general Public, 3,300 acres, 70 companies, 2,000 full-time employees at the airport, 19 rocket test sites, and High concentration of New Space companies. Mojave Air and Space Port has evolved from a desert general aviation destination to a world-renowned flight research center spanning 3300 acres, hosting the latest and most advanced aeronautical designs. Hosting companies engaged in light industrial to highly advanced aerospace design, flight test and research to heavy rail industrial, Mojave Air and Space Port and industrial park. Flight Research activities include endo- and exo- atmospheric craft supporting private sector and government-funded projects. For more information on internships/volunteer opportunities visit and
    • The Spaceship Company (TSC) is Virgin Galactic’s aerospace-system manufacturing organization. Headquartered in Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, it is building and testing a fleet of White Knight Two carrier aircraft and SpaceShipTwo reusable spaceships that, together, form Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight system. The Spaceship Company has a straightforward name: as you would expect, we build spaceships. The Spaceship Company’s extensive capabilities encompass preliminary vehicle design and analysis, manufacturing, ground testing, flight testing and post-delivery support. The Spaceship Company team is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end aerospace development with extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and testing. For more information on internships/volunteer opportunities visit
    • Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top U.S. exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training. Headquartered in Chicago, Boeing employs more than 160,000 people across the United States and in 65 countries. Total company revenues for 2015 were a record $96.1 billion.
    • In the Antelope Valley, Boeing conducts ground and flight testing of both military and commercial products. On-going flight test programs for the US Air Force include the C-17 airlifter, B-1 and B-52 bombers, and F-22 fighter on Edwards AFB. At Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, the Company currently is conducting the flight test program for the F-15SA, the most modern variant of the F-15 fighter being produced for Saudi Arabia as part of the largest Foreign Military Sales program in US history. Boeing enjoys a long-standing partnership with NASA performing aeronautical research. Information on internships opportunities visit
    • A global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 98,000 people worldwide and more than 3,000 people locally. The Antelope Valley location is home to the iconic Skunk Works® known for solutions that push the state of the art in support of the nation’s most pressing needs. Working advanced development projects, the Skunk Works team is focused on rapid prototyping, innovative design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Employees are very active in the community with emphasis on inspiring students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines, and in support of military and veterans cause.
    • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics delivers breakthrough capabilities and landmark aircraft that continually redefine flight. For more than 100 years, Aeronautics has been designing, building and sustaining the finest military aircraft in the world. Aeronautics is committed to the relentless research and development of high-performance aircraft, seeking innovative, low-cost design and manufacturing strategies, and delivering operational readiness for our customers' missions to ensure continued relevancy for the life cycle of our products. For more information on internships opportunities visit
    • It is one of the largest private aerospace employers in the Antelope Valley with advanced manufacturing sites located in Palmdale and Mojave. The Palmdale Center of Excellence provides the opportunity to continue its efforts of being a dedicated community partner. The site provides assembly, integration, testing and long- term maintenance capabilities for some of the world’s most advanced aircraft systems including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, B-2 Spirit bomber, and the RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft. $246 million in total annualized payroll and benefits in the Antelope Valley. We currently have more than 2 million square feet of facilities designed to support multiple aircraft programs that intend to renovate an additional 1 million square feet of Air Force Plant 42 and activate 500,000 square feet of additional footprint in the next five years. 488 specific supplier contracts valued at $186 million dollars in the past three years. More than 125 job openings currently exist in Palmdale, CA. For more information on internships opportunities visit:
    • Designated as the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC), Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., is the Air Force Materiel Command center of excellence for research, development, and test and evaluation of aerospace systems for the United States and its allies. It also operates the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School and supports non-military government agencies. Almost every United States military aircraft since the 1950s has been at least partially tested at Edwards.
    • Edwards Air Force Base is strategically situated next to Rogers Dry Lake surface provides a natural extension to Edwards' runways. This large landing area, combined with excellent year-round weather, makes the base a perfect site for flight testing. The base is one of the largest purchasers of renewable energy in the nation, deriving 60 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, and is a lead partner in the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Almost every United States military aircraft since the 1950s has been at least partially tested at Edwards, and it has been the site of many aviation breakthroughs. For more information on internships opportunities visit:
Flyer Airforce
    • The 412th Test Wing plans, conducts, analyzes, and reports on all flight and ground testing of aircraft, weapons, software and components as well as modeling and simulation for the U.S. Air Force. The Wing also oversees the base's day-to-day operations and provides support for military, federal civilian, and contract personnel assigned to Edwards AFB. U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School: Part of the 412th Test Wing, USAF TPS is where the Air Force's top pilots, navigators and engineers learn how to conduct flight tests and generate the data needed to carry out test missions. The comprehensive curriculum of Test Pilot School is fundamental to the success of flight test and evaluation.
    • 412th Operations Group: The 412th OG flies an average of 90 aircraft with upwards of 30 aircraft designs. It performs an annual average of more than 7,400 missions, including more than 1,900 test missions. The Engineering Division and the Electronic Warfare Group provide the central components in conducting the Test and Evaluation mission of the 412 TW. They provide the tools, talent and equipment for the core disciplines of aircraft structures, propulsion, avionics and electronic warfare evaluation of the latest weapon system technologies. They also host the core facilities that enable flight test and ground test—the Range Division, Benefield Anechoic Facility, Integrated Flight Avionics Systems Test Facility and the Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator. The Project and Resource Management Divisions provide the foundation for the successful program management of test missions.
    • The 412th Test Wing is the host wing for Edwards Air Force Base. Edwards AFB is 308,000-acres, or 481-square miles in area, in Kern, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The Test Wing plans, conducts, analyzes and reports on all flight and ground testing of aircraft, weapon systems, software and components, as well as modeling and simulation for the Air Force. The Wing has three core flight test mission components: flying operations, maintenance and engineering. Edwards AFB is also the home of the Air Force Test Pilot School. The Wing also oversees the base’s day-to-day operations and provides support for more than 9,700 military, federal civilian and contract personnel. Major tenants include NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, and Air Force Research Laboratory’s Aerospace Systems Directorate. For more information on internships opportunities visit:


    • AFRL is a scientific research organization operated by the United States Air Force Materiel Command dedicated to leading the discovery, development, and integration of affordable aerospace warfighting technologies, planning and executing the Air Force science and technology program, and providing warfighting capabilities to United States air, space, and cyberspace forces. It controls the entire Air Force science and technology research budget which was $2.4 billion in 2006.
    • AFRL at Edwards, CA is currently accepting applications for internship opportunities available at AFRL sites across the United States (including but not limited to: Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Eglin AFB in Valparaiso, Florida; and the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing Site (AMOS) in Maui, Hawaii). AFRL Scholars Program internships are competitive awards that provide AFRL-related involvement for students to gain degree-relevant, real-world experience while contributing to the operation of an AFRL site and supporting the advancement of DoD missions. Internship opportunities are primarily in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Selected interns are paid a competitive stipend award amount based on their academic level at the beginning of the internship opportunity. Stipend level is based on academic level semester immediately preceding internship dates. Amount included in posting is an average of all academic levels. For more information on internships opportunities and apply visit:
    • Summer programs, internships and fellowships give you the opportunity to explore career paths and make lasting connections in science and technology. For more information visit:
  • Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Internship Program
    • Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake's mission is to support the Navy's research, testing and evaluation missions to provide cutting-edge weapons systems to the warfighter. The Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) was established Nov. 8, 1943 as a partnership between the Navy and the California Institute of Technology for the testing and evaluation of rockets developed by the academic institution as well as other aviation ordnance. This partnership created a pattern of cooperation and interaction between civilian scientists and engineers and experienced military personnel that has made China Lake one of the preeminent research development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) institutions in the world.
    • NAVAIR announced the HBCU/MI summer internship program. This 8-10-week internship program is for undergraduate and graduate STEM students enrolled at an HBCU/MI and provides an opportunity for students to participate in research at a Department of the Navy laboratory during the summer. Students are able to apply for summer internships at the following participating sites: Naval Air Warfare Center- Aircraft Division (NAWCAD): Orlando, FL; Patuxent River, MD, and Lakehurst, NJ. Naval Air Warfare Center- Weapons Division (NAWCWD): China Lake, CA; Point Mugu, CA. Fleet Readiness Center (FRC): Jacksonville, FL; Cherry Point, NC; North Island, CA. For more information on internships, visit:
  • College Acquisition Internship Program
    • To execute Department of Defense-wide acquisition workforce governance, strategies, policies and talent management initiatives, supporting the National Defense Strategy and Components as they equip a highly-qualified workforce of professionals in developing, acquiring and sustaining world-class warfighting capabilities to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.
    • The DoD College Acquisition Internship Program is a paid, 10-week summer internship that provides students with real-world exposure to Department of Defense acquisition workforce career opportunities. The program targets full-time second- and third-year students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited college or university. Interns receive hands-on, practical experience in analysis, research, report writing, oral briefings, policy development, program analysis, and computer applications. Student interns gain experience in career fields available within the Acquisition workforce:
    • A rocket and satellite manufacturer located in Mojave, CA and currently completing the development of the world lowest-cost orbital launch vehicles, the NEPTUNE, the TRITON, and the TRITON HEAVY. Interorbital Systems was engaged in developing a launch vehicle for the Google Lunar X Prize Team Synergy Moon and for commercial launches. The company was also a competitor in the Ansari X Prize and America's Space Prize. The company is a pioneer in manufacturing satellites, CubeSat Kit with the lowest-cost professional-quality CubeSat Kit. It is assembled with high-quality, custom-printed circuit boards and precision laser-cut aluminum components. CubeSat kit builders include engineering or science professionals who wish to space-qualify hardware in Low Earth Orbit, educational institutions requiring student training in spacecraft design, and experimenters who just want a chance to explore space. For more information on internships opportunities visit:
  • Peraton
    • Peraton drives missions of consequence spanning the globe and extending to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As the world’s leading mission capability integrator and transformative enterprise IT provider, we deliver trusted and highly differentiated national security solutions and technologies that keep people safe and secure. The company national security customers consistently rely on to solve their most daunting challenges, to create novel solutions supporting their most vital missions, and to manage their most valued assets. To search for jobs through Peraton:
    • The company is a leading global financial institution that delivers a broad range of financial services across investment banking, securities, investment management and consumer banking to a large and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in all major financial centers around the world. Company objective is to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity. For over 150 years, business has evolved around the people we serve. Across divisions, digital platforms, and services, clients and customers have access to the resources and reach of a unified global firm to help them achieve their goals.
    • The federal agency, the National Security Agency evolved out of a genuine desire stemming from various professionals in both the private and public sector, dedicated to law, law enforcement and justice. These highly trained professionals have demonstrated dedication and commitment to enhance traditional methodologies of seeking truth, facts and evidence by way of blending new techniques and technologies together with time tested industry standards and best practices. The following are several internship opportunity programs designed for Undergraduate Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors; and Graduate Students in the academic Fields: Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Cybersecurity, Business, Data Science, Interior Design, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management:
      • Installations & Logistics (I&L) / Data Center Facilities Management (DCFM) Intern Program.
        • The I&L Intern Program is a 12-week program for students interested in project management, master planning, data analytics, engineering fields, architecture/interior design, and supply chain/business management operations.
      • Science of Security Summer Intern Program (SOS)
        • NSA’s Science of Security (SoS) Summer Internship Program offers paid research internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate-level university students pursuing STEM degrees.
      • Summer Intern Program for Science and Technology (SIPST)
        • The Summer Intern Program for Science and Technology (SIPST) is a full-time, 12-week summer internship program open to college sophomores and juniors who are concentrating their studies in the disciplines of computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, network engineering, software engineering or telecommunications.
      • Computer Science Intern Program (CSIP)
        • The Computer Science Intern Program (CSIP) is an intense and exciting 12-week immersive internship open to select college undergraduate and graduate students majoring in computer science or closely related disciplines.
      • Summer Intern Program for Information Assurance (SIPIA)
        • The Summer Intern Program for Information Assurance (SIPIA) is a 12-week summer program accelerating participants’ careers in the field of Information Assurance (IA).
      • Signals Intelligence Collection Program (SICP)

Internship Opportunities and Career Choices – Private Sectors

Top 10 Corporate Internships

Large companies like the following are usually hire a number of interns – sometimes well into the hundreds – at locations all around the US:



Student Assistantships

Take advantage of gaining work experience within Esri at the San Diego User Conference, that would be great.  

The specific requirements for this assistantship are as follows:


Student assistantships are open to graduate students and fourth-year undergraduate students who are also

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university
  • Familiar with GIS software and geospatial applications

Application Requirements

To be considered, your application must include:

  • A cover letter detailing your academic interest in GIS and what you hope to gain from this experience.
  • A phone number and e-mail address where you can be contacted through July 2023. Please be sure this information is on your résumé.
  • One letter of reference, preferably from a professor. You may submit it with your application; however, we suggest having it e-mailed directly to

Summer REU at the University of Central Florida

- This REU site cultivates and unites multidisciplinary interests to study advanced structures and systems with application to hypersonics, space, propulsion and energy.

REU Site: Applied Computing Research in Unmanned Aerial Systems


Available resources by organizations and companies for internship opportunities and are looking for internships. Interested students need to send a letter of inquiry and résumé directly to Dr. Khalil Dajani via email: