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Research Assistant:

Dr. Amir Ghasemkhani

Graduate Assistant:

Dr. Bilal Khan


Real World Software Engineering Presentation by Mr. Alexandr Kurilin (co-founder and CTO of Freckle by Renaissance)
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Computer Science and Engineering Scholarship - Cal-Bridge:

Bring your uniqueness, drive, and smarts to Cal-Bridge

Interested in pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field? Apply to Cal-Bridge!   

Join a cohort of scholars made up of students just like you who are all pursuing their dream of attaining a graduate-level education and making unique contributions in science.  

Here are the eligibility requirements:  

Be currently enrolled in a CSU or currently enrolled in a participating community college and expecting to transfer to a CSU in the coming Fall. Acceptance to Cal-Bridge is contingent upon acceptance and enrollment to a participating CSU by the Fall of the Cal-Bridge application year

Be majoring in computer science or computer engineering

Have an expected graduation date in the 2023-2024 academic year

Demonstrate academic ability or potential

Be motivated to attend graduate school to study computer science, computer engineering, or related fields at a participating UC or another institution (however, please note that only Cal-Bridge scholars who matriculate to a graduate program at a participating UC will receive financial aid for graduate study; see "Participating Schools" below for a complete list)

For more information see visit


The Cal-Bridge application cycle is now open. The deadline to apply is April 4, 2022. 

To Apply and Review Requirements:


Internships (Not Active/Expired)

 Career Center Internship Award:

  • Students are only allowed to receive one of the awards once per academic year. Students must meet all eligibility requirements to ensure the disbursement of funds. Funds are disbursed upon successful completion of the course and internship. 
  • Application ( deadline January 25- April 2nd, 2021)

Career Center Internship award


Summer 2021 Virtual Trainee Program : 

Summer 2021 Virtual Trainee Program


$1000 Internship Award for Non-paid Internship CSE 575:

Information and apply:


Job Opportunities (Not Active)

Rialto ER looking for a computer programmer - Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Administrator

Past Projects (Not Active)