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SSH Remote Access

SSH Remote Access to CSE Labs for Windows with PuTTY Using DUO Authentication

Revised by Pedro Lorenzano Rodriguez (CSE-ITS) • October 10, 2023

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Download PuTTY from MSI Windows Installer)

2. Double-click the file downloaded in Step 1 to install PuTTY and follow Installer instructions until the installation is completed.

3. Start PuTTY and connect to host by filling “Host Name” with “”, then click “Open” (As shown in Screenshot 1). You can save the session for future use by filling “Saved Sessions” with “CSE-Jump”, then click “Save” (as shown in Screenshot 2)


4. Enter your for example as your username and your MyCoyote Credentials as your password.

  • Once you have entered your credentials you can Enter 1 to receive a Duo notification

5. Accept DUO notification on your phone

6. You are now connected to CSE-Jump

 Note: You have access to labs JB-356 numbers 1-10 and JB-358 numbers 1-10. These machine will be available 24/7.

7. To connect to machine in lab rooms type "ssh"

8.  Enter your Credentials and you are now ready to go.

9. To exit type "exit" on the terminal or Crtl-D to exit.