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X11 Remote Access

X11 Remote Access to CSE Labs 

Revised by Pedro Lorenzano Rodriguez (CSE-ITS) • January 18 2024

To connect to linux labs using terminals on both Windows and MacOS

Quick reference:

1: Open a Terminal

2: Type "ssh -X"

Example: ssh

3. Enter your MyCoyote password

4. Follow instruction to receive DUO notification.

5. You are now connected to cse-jump you will now ssh into the lab machines

 Note: You have access to labs JB-356 numbers 1-10 and JB-358 numbers 1-10. These machine will be available 24/7.

6. To connect to machine in lab rooms type "ssh -X"

7.  Enter your Credentials and you are now ready to go.

8. To exit type "exit" on the terminal or Crtl-D to exit.