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CSE Club

About CSE Club

The CSE Club was founded back in 2008 by some CSE students wanting to make a club. We are now a large club encompassing many fields and studies within the CSE field. As the Official CSE club of CSUSB and the San Bernardino Region 6 IEEE student Branch, we are counting to grow even more. We host many meetings, workshops and events throughout the year focusing on CSE to be both fun and educational.


We encourage students to learn about the career field that computer science and engineering may provide. We also help students learn to be proficient in their field, expose them to different ideas, establish a social group within CSE, and give many opportunities for them to grow.

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President: Jacob Diba 
Vice President: Cristian Valdez 
Treasurer: Sarah Aguirre
IEEE Representative: Juan Zavala
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Haiyan Qiao

CSE club representative