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Assessment Capability Leadership Institute 2021

ACC is accelerating the growth and development of CSUSB’s assessment learning community with the launch of the first Assessment Capability Leadership Institute (ACLI) 2021. Summer ACLI 2021 provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to develop leadership in the design and implementation of program, department or unit outcomes assessment to support sustainable and meaningful inquiry of program effectiveness and student, faculty and staff success. CSUSB’s ACLI is unique in that it draws together faculty and staff from all divisions of the university to learn together and to build cross-campus connections for a broad foundation for assessment.

The inaugural ACLI reflects the collaboration of the Division of Academic Affairs Assessment Office, Academic Programs, the Division of Student Affairs Assessment and Strategic Planning, Non-Academic Divisions of University Advancement, Office of the President, Administration and Finance and ITS, and the CLASS Professional Development Subcommittee and the Staff Development Center.

Summer ACLI is designed to increase momentum in the adoption of assessment practices at the program/department level in all sectors of the university and promote professional development in assessment leadership. In doing so, ACLI expands CSUSB’s learning community to share knowledge, best practices and insights.

Inaugural Cohort

Over 60 faculty and staff members from all divisions of the university are participating. Eight faculty and staff members are sharing their expertise in assessment practices as coaches.

Program Design

  • Participants engage in up to 20 hours of synchronous sessions and asynchronous professional development experiences around basic concepts of program/department/unit-level outcomes assessment and assessment leadership during June.
  • Participants develop a project of designing or implementing a program/department/unit-level assessment plan.
  • The institute features small mentored groups for guidance and support in conducting the projects through the fall semester.


  1. Explain and implement steps of the assessment cycle, including coordination of necessary processes and resources within the cycle, at the level of a program/unit and relative to the university’s overall assessment system and structures.
  2. Evaluate context, promote assessment for improvement and determine appropriate use of assessment methodology to design and implement an assessment project specific to a given unit/program (entity). 
  3. Explain and approach assessment leadership with an understanding of how assessment processes can facilitate engagement and empowerment as well as exclude and marginalize.
  4. Develop and promote multiple components of a culture of evidence and facilitate shared meaning and language.  Contribute to that culture through support in creating or contributing to opportunities for evidence-based decision-making processes.  ​


ACLI enriches faculty and staff competency and develops a pipeline for emerging assessment leaders. It creates an opportunity to learn and observe assessment in diverse settings beyond one’s individual job role. At the same time, ACLI crystalizes systems, processes, policies, templates and expectations that are required for collective assessment activity. In doing so, ACLI expands and advances our culture of assessment in support of continuous improvement and evidence-based decision-making.