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Committee Charge 


Under the leadership of the DSA Director of Assessment, the DSA Assessment Committee will work collaboratively to: 

  • Provide support to the DSA Director of Assessment in her efforts to build a culture of evidence in the Division of Student Affairs
  • Engage in and offer professional development opportunities to develop a team of professionals in each department with assessment training
  • Provide leadership and support to assessment initiatives and assist departments in gaining a greater understanding of effective assessment practices
  • Collaborate with division leadership and marketing and communications staff to develop a cohesive "Story of the CSUSB Division of Student Affairs"
  • Engage and collaborate with stakeholders across the University and seek opportunities for partnership
  • Represent the division on University assessment committees  
  • Disseminate findings at the University, regionally and nationally  
  • Consult with departments and provide feedback on the quality of assessment projects, and annual plans and reports  
  • Measure progress on the campus and division strategic plans and objectives 
  • Annually review the divisional assessment processes to improve and strengthen the departments' capabilities to carry out assessment
  • Work collaboratively to support the development of a division-wide assessment plan, as well as uniform methods of data collection and annual reports for each unit, and provide information that will help to shape the DSA Annual Report.  
  • Examine institutional and system-wide dashboards and data sets that can be shared across the division to support data-driven decision-making throughout the DSA. 

Intended outcomes or products of the committee will include: 

DSA Annual Report and the annual reports for each unit 

  • Division-wide assessment plan 
  • Uniform methods of data collection across the division to allow for benchmarking 
  • Development of an assessment plan for the committee to reflect on its effectiveness 
  • Establishing a reporting timeline for the committee to communicate these reflections on effectiveness