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Mission Statement 

The mission of the Assessment Capability Collaborative (ACC) is to engage the campus community in self-inquiry through the process of reflection, planning, and action, and to contribute to the identity of CSUSB as a learning institution for student success.


  • Foster a culture of evidence across the campus community to support a continuous improvement model of organizational effectiveness
  • Discover areas of overlap that would connect and coalesce assessment efforts to develop capability in assessment
  • Support the collection and examination of evidence at multiple units and levels of analysis, and connect and synthesize this examination
  • Provide sustained attention to coherent and systematic processes across the University to reduce variability in assessment quality and engagement
  • Develop a unified framework for using evidence in decision-making to make meaningful changes and improvements (for planning and resource allocation) across the divisions
  • Promote an  understanding of equity and diversity intentions as central to the assessment process
  • Promote a campus-wide focus on understanding and conceptualizing how units, departments, divisions contribute to student learning, student development, and organizational effectiveness
  • Promote and facilitate discussions to define and measure the elements of student success and attributes of a student-centered university
  • Provide access to resources that support assessment and continuous improvement initiatives that have broad university implications (including but not limited to campus labs)

ACC Organizational Chart

ACC Org Chart