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Relocation of Property

It is the responsibility of the department to notify the Property Management Office of all relocations of property as follows:

Relocation Within a Department

When the only change is the physical location of property within a department, the Property Management Office should be notified via email with a memo stating the new location and custodian.

Relocation of Entire Department

When an entire department is being relocated, the department should complete a physical inventory of property. The Property Management Office should be notified of the impending relocation via email. The Property Management Office will coordinate a physical inventory of the department property with the designated departmental inventory clerk.

Inter-Departmental Transfers

When property is permanently transferred between departments, a CSUSB Property Transfer Request Form must be completed and signed by the department manager of the department transferring the property. This form should then be forwarded to the department that has accepted the property. The department manager of this department also signs the form accepting the property for the department. The completed form should be forwarded to the Property Management Office. The Property Management Office will then update its inventory to reflect the transfer and record the new location(s) of the property.