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Areas of Responsibility

Property Management Office

The Property Management Office has the primary responsibility for procedures and controls for the accurate handling of acquisition, control, and disposition of University property in accordance with ICSUAM 01401.00 Administration of University Property.  These responsibilities are also incorporated into the University’s Auxiliary entities.

The Property Management Office is responsible for the following functions:

  • Communicating with Department Custodians on property identification and movement and coordinating efforts for timely inventories and audits.
  • Recording and maintaining all inventory acquisitions and transactions in the University asset management database.
  • Tagging all inventoried items per university policy requirements, including property purchased with Procurement cards.
  • Preparing monthly inventory reconciliations to Accounting Services for acquired assets.
  • Conducting physical inventories and internal audits with campus departments every three (3) years, and every two (2) for federally-funded equipment.
  • Assist with the updating of the Department Custodians and Designated Approvers
  • Notifying Information Security Office of data-sensitive items not found during physical inventories and audits.
  • Processing all property survey (disposal) and transfer forms.
  • Coordinating the removal of surplus property through various sources, including donations, electronic wasting, and conducting sales of surplus equipment.

University Employees

University employees have an obligation to safeguard University property as follows:

  • Taking reasonable security precautions to discourage loss, theft, or misuse of property including reasonable care and use of property to prevent damage.
  • Preventing the disclosure of protected data by complying with campus information security procedures.
  • Reporting missing, lost, stolen, and vandalized property to appropriate personnel, including Department Custodian, IT security department, University Police, Off-campus Police.
  • Notifying Department Custodian that property will be taken off-campus, completing the Off-Campus Use form, and returning property in satisfactory condition.
  • Turning in abandoned and/or lost property to their department and returning property to the department prior to separation from the University.

Department Custodians

The Department Custodian is the main point of contact for the department for all property management functions and is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the tagging of inventory that is delivered directly or indirectly to the department and ensuring that all property is appropriately tagged.
  • Coordinating and processing of requests to Transfer assets or Surplus (dispose) assets from the department.
  • Ensure Procard equipment purchases are recorded via Property Management’s ProCard Equipment Purchases form.
  • Maintaining the following property records for the department: Off-Campus Use forms and Department Inventory records for Campus (state) and Auxiliary business units.
  • Coordinating Internal and external property audits with Property Management, including setting up appointments to enter department rooms for the purpose of inventorying, and ensuring that off-campus property is returned to campus for inspection.
  • Providing property record information to the Property Management office upon request.
  • Ensuring all loaned property is returned on or before the due date and confirming all loaned property is returned in good working order and condition.
  • Coordinating with the Department's IT technician for sanitization of computers and other sensitive property (department IT technician is responsible for the media sanitization and certification for all media storage devices surveyed for their respective area).

Department Approvers

Department Approvers are responsible for all State and Auxiliary property items assigned to their department(s). The Department Approver is the primary person authorized to sign for property-related transactions for Property Management and is responsible for:

  • Designating a Department Custodian or Custodians. Designations are to be authenticated in the Decentralized Access and Control (DACS) module of CFS.
  • Notifying their DACS Preparer when a new Property Custodian is to be assigned.
  • Approving all property-related requests for their department(s), including Transfer of property from their department to another department, Survey of property for purposes of trading-in or disposal.
  • Informing all employees in their department(s) that property accountability remains with the department until the Property Management's inventory records reflect a change.
  • Authorizes and signs final audit paperwork including missing items, if any, with Property Management for department physical inventories of Campus (state) and Auxiliary property.
  • Serves as one of the Property Survey Board members for retiring of assets from their department(s).
  • Division Approvers who are associated with the title of Dean, Provost, Associate Vice President, or Vice President will serve as a second Property Survey Board member for retiring of assets from their respective areas.