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Tagging & Physical Inventory of Property

Identification of Property (Tagging)

All equipment which meets property requirements will be tagged with a CSUSB barcoded identification number prior to delivery to the ordering department or shortly after it has been delivered to the ordering department.  It remains so identified as long as it is in the custody of the University.  Assigned property numbers are removed only when the property has been "surveyed" (See "Survey of Property from Records").  Any additional identification by a department should be applied in a manner that avoids confusion with the State property number.  Should the identification number be accidentally or mistakenly removed, the property will be tagged with a new tag and the information transferred to the new record.

Equipment is tagged and entered into the University's official inventory at different thresholds. Firearms and vehicles are tagged at any value.  Desktop computers, laptops, tablets are tagged when their value is at least $500 including tax and shipping.  Other equipment is tagged at $2,500 or above, and occasionally items valued at less than $2,500 that are determined by Property Management to be "sensitive" may also be tagged.

If a department wishes to identify equipment that does not qualify for inventory tagging, they may use a non-barcoded "Property of CSUSB" label or their own unique identification label.  Items identified by these non-barcoded labels will not be tracked by Property Management and will not be entered into the University's official inventory but can be used by the department for its own tracking purposes.

Physical Inventories of University Property

The Property Management office is responsible to ensure compliance with ICSUAM 01401.00 Administration of University Property by physically inventorying one-third of the University's departments each year. The entire University has a vested interest for ensuring accurate property records because State budget allocations for replacement of equipment are based, in part, on existing property records.

The Property Management office has set up a tentative rotating inventory schedule that will require the physical inventory of all schools and administrative divisions at least once every three years. The physical inventory will be conducted on a department by department basis within each college and division. The following procedures apply:

  1. The physical inventory of property will NOT be exclusively conducted by the Property Management office.  It is the responsibility of each University department to assign a department custodian to conduct the inventory along with the Property Management office.
  2. Worksheets and Inventory Reports will be retained for audit purposes and will show the date of inventory and the signatures of the inventory coordinators, i.e. the department's manager and the Property Management office.

Any property that is not found during a physical inventory will be reported to the appropriate department manager in a Summary of Missing Assets report. The department will be asked to state on the report any facts and/or reasonable explanation as to why the missing property was not found. The completed report will need to be signed by the department's manager.  At this time, if appropriate, the department may also be responsible for filing a police report on missing property that was deemed to be lost or stolen.  A copy of the police report is to be sent to Property Management.

Unaccounted for property will then be surveyed as "missing" in the University property database and a Property Survey Report (PSR) will be generated.  Property Management will retain the Property Survey Report (PSR) along with the Summary of Missing Assets report for audit purposes.  Property Management will notify the Information Security Office of any items items "sensitive equipment" such as computers, laptops, tablets, and other items with data storage are identified as missing.