Campus Stores Catalog

The following items are kept in stock in Campus Stores and may be ordered by sending an email with the following information: Department Name, Location, Contact Person, Extension #, Account #, 3-Digit Account Code, Requisition #, Stock #, Quantity, and Price (NO SALES TAX!).  Please send requests for these items directly to Raul Bautista or Devin Sole in Campus Stores (located within the Receiving Department).

Catalog of Material Stocked on Campus

7530-000-0628-4 Copy Paper, 30% Recycled, Copier, 500 sheets per ream, white, 8½" x 11", 20 lb. bond. REAM 3.15
(L) 1-140-00 #9 Business Reply Envelopes, 10 each per package. PKG 0.40
(L) 1-140-001 9" x 12" Business Reply Envelope, 10 each per package. PKG 0.90
(L) 1-045-45 Form CSUSB 45: Request for Overnight Mail/Delivery Service. 3-part NCR, pack of 10. EACH 0.30