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Acquisition of Property

Purchase Order

Property acquired on a purchase order is recorded in the University property records. Included in the record are:

  1. Fund number (based on the chartfield assigned by the requisitioner)
  2. Department (based on the chartfield assigned by the requisitioner)
  3. Description
  4. Make
  5. Model
  6. Serial number
  7. PO number
  8. Acquisition cost
  9. Custodian (if known)
  10. Date received
  11. Location (Building/Room)

Upon receipt through Central Receiving, all property is tagged with a CSUSB bar coded identification number. If it is not practical to tag the property while it is in Central Receiving, arrangements will be made to tag the property after it has been delivered to the department. Any receipt of incorrect or damaged property must be reported immediately to Central Receiving. Receiving or Purchasing will report any repairs or replacement of property to the Property Management Office. No property should be delivered directly to and/or picked up by departments unless arrangements have been made with Purchasing and Central Receiving.

Procurement Card

Purchase of property items by use of the Procurement credit card (ProCard) can be authorized with prior V.P. approval (see Procurement Card Handbook, "Restricted Purchases".)  It is the responsibility of the ProCard user to report to the Property Management office any purchase of University property, such as laptops, iPads, computers, etc.  The same information as listed above for purchase orders must be provided to the Property Management office in order to enter the item into the University property database.  A useful link has been created for this purpose:  ProCard Equipment Purchases Form.  Property Management will then make arrangements with the end user to tag the property item soon afterward.