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Computer Hardware and Loaned Property

Computer Hardware Over $500

All computers purchased with a unit value of over $500 will be recorded in the University property records. Upon receipt by the Receiving department, all computers purchased through a purchase order are tagged with a CSUSB barcoded identification number.  If it is not practical to tag the computer while it is in Receiving, arrangements will be made to tag the computer after it has been delivered to the department, along with any ProCard purchased computers.

Loaned Property

Loans of Property to Employees for Off-Campus Use: 

Loans of University property must be properly documented.  For all property being loaned out for off-campus use, an Off-Campus Property Use Agreement Form must be completed and retained by the lending department, and a copy sent to the Property Management Office.  Departments should record the tag & serial numbers of the item, the person to whom it is assigned, the person's address, and the dates checked out and in.

Any loan of University property to an employee for off-campus use must have the approval of an authorized department manager. The employee using the property off-campus is responsible for the property while it is in their custody, and may be held responsible for any loss or damage to University property while in their custody.

Personally Owned Property

If a University employee utilizes personally-owned property on campus, the item should be reported to his/her department and the item identified as the property of the employee. The University will not be responsible for loss or damage to private property brought to the University.