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The CSU Administration of University Property document outlines requirements to ensure uniform accountability for State property. It is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that university property is properly valued, maintained and safeguarded; that all university property transactions (acquisitions, disposals, etc.) are recorded in an accurate and timely manner; and that all university property procedures are followed. Each campus must establish written procedures that implement this policy.

Additionally, each campus must make a physical count of all property and reconcile the count with accounting records at least once every three years. The campus Property Management Office has instituted a three year rotating inventory calendar to satisfy this requirement (approximately one-third of the campus' property is inventoried each year).

To assist our campus in meeting these directives for property management, this section contains guidelines for those responsible for property. Questions, requests for assistance, suggestions, and any other property related inquiries should be directed to the Property Management Office.