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Loss Prevention Techniques

Departments with office areas, especially those which are easily accessible to the general public, or which are responsible for property which is susceptible to theft, such as computer equipment, office machines, etc., should consider utilizing one or all of the following theft protection measures:

  1. Ensure that CSUSB ID tags are on all property. Engrave "CSUSB", the name or initials of the department, and the CSUSB identification number (if applicable) on such items, using an engraving tool which may be borrowed from the Property Management Office. Engraving has proven to be a deterrent to potential burglars or thieves by assuring them that the property stolen can be identified by police anywhere as belonging to CSUSB. Business machines may be cabled and locked to desks and stands. Purchasing can provide names of companies that sell devices for securing computers, printers, etc. A security room or closet may be used to store any item(s) considered vulnerable to theft. The value of the objects to be protected should determine the strength and burglary-resistant qualities required. This protection is often worthwhile as a secondary line of defense. For internal control purposes, inventories need not be exclusively controlled by the Departmental Inventory Clerk. Departments may assign a responsible person to perform interim inventories to ensure adequate property control. Establish a check-out/check-in system which would include the identification number of the item, the person to whom it is assigned, its location, and the dates checked out and in.
  2. Periodically review key and room security needs.

This narrative has been prepared by the Property Management Office of Support Services. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for those responsible for property. Questions, requests for assistance, suggestions regarding these guidelines, and any property related inquiries, should be directed to the Property Management Office.