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Faculty & Staff


Name Title Email Phone Number Office Number
Terese Burch Department Chair (909)537-5380 HP-216/HS-123 (PDC)
Evangeline Gagalang BSN Program Director (909)537-5380 HP-231
Cheryl Brandt MSN Coordinator (909)537-7238 HP-221
Dawn Blue BSN Assistant Director (SBC) (909)537-7240 HP-229 / HS-110 (PDC)
Nancy Wolf BSN Assistant Director (PDC) (760)408-3926 HS-122B(PDC)
Danuta Wojnar RN to BSN Coordinator (909)537-8166 HS-120(PDC)


Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty
Name Title Email Phone Number Office Number
Deborah Cohen Lecturer (909)537-5386 HP-228
Claudia Davis Associate Professor (909)537-3632 HP-226
Teresa Dodd-Butera Professor Emeritus   HP-244
Yeon Kim Associate Professor (909)537-3481 HP-227
Younglee Kim Associate Professor (909)537-3394 HS-114 (PDC)
Anne Lama Assistant Professor (909)537-7798 HP-225
Henrietta Nwamu

Assistant Professor (909)537-7239 HP-223
Pinthusorn Pattayakorn Associate Professor (909)537-3263 HP-222
Mary-Anne Schultz Professor (909)537-5448 HP-230
Kathy Stafford Lecturer (909)537-7242 HP-224
Tykeysha Thomas Assistant Professor (909)537-3394 HP-220
Kathyrne Tiras Lecturer (909)537-3457 HP-219
Deb Tweedy Lecturer (909)537-7239 HP-224/HS-122


Part-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty
Name Title Email Room Number
Khaled Bahjri Lecturer HP-235
Sabrina Chimienti Lecturer HP-235
Fernando Clenista Lecturer HP-235
Rachel Cornett Lecturer HS-120/HP-235
Kelly Cross Lecturer HP-235
Kelly Deckard Lecturer HP-235
Martin Dole Lecturer HP-235
Sally Duron Lecturer HP-235
Monique Frisby Lecturer HP-235
Sheryll Go Lecturer HP-235
Christopher Grable Lecturer HP-235
Felicia Ige Lecturer HP-235
Eileen Jarvina Lecturer HP-235
Agnes Jove Lecturer HP-235
Ada Lopez Lecturer HP-235
Sue Morrison Lecturer HP-235
Brando Munar Lecturer HP-235
Tuan Anh Nguyen Lecturer HP-235
Chibunna Nwaobia Lecturer HP-235
Rosa Oviedo Lecturer HP-235
Patti Radovich Lecturer HP-235
Jonathan Ross Lecturer HP-235
Joy Tuya Lecturer HP-235
Nelly Utebor Lecturer HP-235
Doris Winners Lecturer HP-235



Name Title Email Phone Number Office Number
Main Office Nursing Main Office (909)537-5380 HS-215
Leann Bactad-Pullido Admin. Support Assistant (909)537-3541 HP-215
Kara Daniels Admin. Support Assistant II (909)537-3382 HP-215
Maritza Diaz Admin. Support Coordinator I (909)537-3969 HP-215
Emily Jurilla Admin. Support Coordinator II (909)537-4514 HP-217
Sonia Perez-Gamboa Information Technology Consultant (909)537-3599 HP-232
Marc Wittlif Admin. Support Coordinator I (909)537-8127 HS-120 (PDC)