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RN to BSN Admissions

Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year, with the application deadline of June 15th for the same year's fall admission. 

The Department of Nursing is now accepting applications for the RN-BSN program for Fall 2024.

Admission Requirements and Prerequisite Courses

Requirements for admission to the BSN program are:

  1. Proof of current California RN license before the second term of the RN-to-BSN program.
  2. Grade of C (2.0) or higher for each prerequisite required for the major.
  3. Applicants may have required courses in progress to be still eligible for admission to the program. However, they must complete all prerequisites before their first RN to BSN nursing course.

The following prerequisite support courses are required for admission:

  • Prerequisite science courses:
    • BIOL 2200 Microbiology for Allied Health Majors (4) [Quarter Equivalent: BIOL 220 Principles of Microbiology (5)]
    • BIOL 2230 Human Anatomy and Physiology I for Allied Health Majors (4) [Quarter Equivalent: BIOL 223 Human Physiology and Anatomy I (5)]
    • BIOL 2240 Human Anatomy and Physiology II for Allied Health Majors (4) [Quarter Equivalent: BIOL 224 Human Physiology and Anatomy II (5)]
    • CHEM 2070 Fundamentals of General, Organic & Biochemistry (5). Effective Fall 2021, the quarter course CHEM 205 or CHEM 215 must be combined with CHEM 2060 as a substitution for CHEM 2070.*
  • Prerequisite non-science courses:
    • A course that fulfills GE Category A2 Written Communication (3) [Quarter Equivalent: English: 107, 104A, 104B, or 106 (4)]
    • A course that fulfills GE Category A3 Critical Thinking (3) [Quarter Equivalent: Critical Thinking: Comm 180, Hon 104A, Math 180, Phil 105, Phil 200, Psyc 105, or Soc 180 (4)]
    • A course that fulfills GE Category A1 Oral Communication (3) [Quarter Equivalent: Comm 120 or Hon 104C (4)]
    • Math 1201 Introduction to Statistical Thinking (3) [Quarter Equivalent: Math 165, Statistics (4)]

*CHEM 2070 prerequisite elaboration for Chemistry courses taken prior to Fall 2020

  1. Effective Fall 2020, all Pre-Nursing students entering or transferring to CSUSB should enroll in CHEM 2070 or a combination of CHEM 205 or CHEM 215 and CHEM 2060. 

  2. If before Fall 2020, a CSUSB student took one Chemistry course, either CHEM 205 or CHEM 215 or their approved equivalent, these courses will be accepted, and CHEM 2060 will not be required.

  3. If a student is a transfer student and took one Chemistry course equivalent to CHEM 205 or CHEM 215 before fall 2021, this course will be accepted, and CHEM 2060 will not be required.

    *Ethnic Studies is not a prerequisite for admission, but it is a required course for graduation that may be taken in the community college (CC) and/or the university. Please consult with a counselor at the CC to check if you have fulfilled this requirement.

Application Process

  1. Contact and submit UNOFFICIAL transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  2. Complete the RN to BSN application obtained from CSUSB Department of Nursing and e-mail to
  3. Apply to CSUSB via Cal State Apply using the invitation code received from the CSUSB Admissions Department.

Please see the roadmap below or attend a Zoom informational session for more information.

RN to BSN Informational Sessions Schedule 



Degree Requirements

  1. The completion of the following upper division courses is required for graduation with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree:
    • NURS 3010 Role Transition to Professional Nursing Practice (3)
    • NURS 3100 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (4)
    • NURS 3026 Health Assessment RN (3)
    • NURS 3610 Strategies for Patient Education, Health Promotion, and Care Coordination (3)
    • NURS 4510 Community/Public Health Promotion (3)
    • NURS 4512 Community/Public Health Promotion Practicum (3)
    • NURS 4222 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (3)
    • NURS 4610 Nursing Leadership (3)
    • NURS 4612 Nursing Leadership Practicum (2)
    • Upper-division GE (C) elective* (3)
        *This course must also meet the Global Perspectives and Writing Intensive Designation requirements.

 See link below for the typical RN to BSN Roadmap

  1.  Admitted students may transfer in lower-division General Education courses, prerequisite support courses, and acceptable Associate Degree nursing courses for a maximum of 70 semester units.


After graduation, students are eligible to obtain a public health nurse certificate from the California Board of Registered Nursing.