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Nursing Labs / Calendars

The Nursing Testing Lab (HP246), Nursing Skills Labs (HP234, HP239, HS-116, & HS-117), and the Nursing Simulation Labs (HP-257 & HS-115) are available to the Nursing students for studying, research, testing, skill acquisition, and application exercises/simulation. Here, our Nursing students learn the basic to the advanced skills and knowledge needed to care for clients in the hospital and in the community. The skills labs are set up as a hospital room providing students a nearly realistic environment. Manikins, models, and simulators are used throughout the Nursing Program to advance student’s critical thinking skills.

San Bernardino Campus Labs

Skills Labs (HP-234 & HP-239)

HP-234 Skills Lab Schedule

HP-239 Skills Lab Schedule

Testing Lab (HP-246)

The nursing testing lab can accommodate 53 people. Students use the lab to take course and ATI online exams.
HP-246 Testing Schedule

Simulation Lab (HP-257)

SBC HP-257 Simulation / Open Lab Schedule 

Palm Desert Campus Labs

Simulation Lab (HS-115)

PDC HS-115 Simulation / ATI Schedule 

Skills Labs (HS-116 & HS-117)

HS-116 Skills Lab Schedule

HS-117 Skills Lab Schedule