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Facility and Equipment Policies


CSUSB's Performing Arts Building houses the Music and Theatre Arts Departments. Almost all of the Music Department's classes and performances are in that building. The department's main office, recital hall, and large rehearsal rooms are on the first floor. A few faculty offices are also on the first floor, but most are on the second, along with music practice rooms and small classrooms.

Building hours: The Performing Arts Building is generally open on Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, but closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Students may obtain after hours access to the PA building using a pass issued by the campus police. Interested students should apply for a pass in the Music Office (PA-111) at least five days before it is needed to allow processing by the campus police.

Practice rooms: Five practice rooms are located on the PA building's second floor (PA-202, 204, 206, 208, and 210). First priority in use of those rooms should go to music majors practicing for applied lessons and performances, with second priority given to music majors preparing for other classes. Music minors and other students enrolled in music courses may use rooms not needed by music majors.

Computer Music Lab: The Computer Music Lab (PA-133) is open to music students completing assigned projects for music courses and projects requiring the use of music software programs found on the lab's computers. It is not intended for work for non-music courses, checking email, or other personal business. Music faculty, staff, or student assistants may ask students using the lab inappropriately to leave. Students wishing to use the Lab during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00pm) can obtain a key from the Music Office (PA-111). Additionally, a student assistant will open and monitor the Lab during various evening hours. Evening hours for a quarter will be posted on the lab door. A student using the lab when no student monitor is present is personally liable for any damage, theft, or any other activity that occurs in the room.

Lockers: The PA building has lockers on both the first and second floors. Lockers are generally assigned on a first come, first served basis, but some preference is given to students who play large instruments, such as string bass, violincello, or tuba. Students interested must apply in the Music Office (PA-111). Only locks assigned by the Music Department will be allowed on department lockers. Personal locks will be cut off. Lockers must be vacated by the end of the normal school year, and departmental staff will remove any contents remaining in lockers after the year concludes.

Instrument Rental and Usage

All music majors are expected to own their own primary instruments. However, the Department has a limited number of instruments that may be checked out to students whom have been asked to play a special or secondary instrument to fill out ensemble needs. Also, students enrolled in instrumental methods courses will be provided with an instrument either owned or rented by the department. An insurance and maintenance fee of $50 per quarter must be paid at the Bursar's Office in Sierra Hall, and the receipt presented to the Department Office, before a student will be issued or given access to any department owned or -rented instrument. Ensemble conductors or course instructors must approve the issue of any department owned instrument. Under some circumstances, an ensemble director may waive the fee for a student playing a secondary instrument in an ensemble.

Department has a limited number of instruments that may be checked out to students. Use of grand piano practice rooms is restricted to piano majors, and access to percussion instruments is restricted to percussion majors unless the Department Chair grants specific authorization. Those students can apply for piano or percussion practice room keys in the Music Office (PA-111).