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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DEADLINE?
  • October 9, 2021 is the cut-off date for completing your mandatory Training to End Sexual Violence for the current Academic Year.
  • After this date, Registration Holds will be applied until the training is satisfied, preventing Winter registration, or subsequent terms, until it's completed.
  • Graduating seniors will also receive a hold on their account and it will remain for up to a year; this may affect graduate programs or certificate programs.
How do I take this training, how often, and what options are available?
  • Online training program from vendor Student Success™ , 'Not Anymore'-- login to your myCoyote. If available, click the double tile, "End Sexual Violence Training" or navigate to "My Tasks" and then "End Sexual Violence Training." Look for 'Incomplete Assignments' section with the current academic year in the title. There is a 'How To' video on our Training page. For additional details, visit the Not Anymore page. CSUSB has partnered with vendor Student Success™ for a secure, online option.
  • Survivors of sexual assault can contact our office for an alternate, private, trauma-informed training with our Campus Advocate; email for arrangements.
  • Training is required once per Academic Year (August through June) and is taken during the Fall semester.
Registration Holds--what do I need to know?
  • If the training is listed under your To Do List, that is NOT a hold.
  • Registration holds are placed after the deadline (10/09/2021).
  • Registration holds are the penalty because CSU Executive Order 1095 states, “Campuses should impose consequences, such as registration holds, on those Students who do not participate in and complete such mandatory training” (EO-1095, page 19).
  • To view hold information, login to myCoyote, click My Tasks and then My Holds. You may also view holds in the Student Center, on the right column.
  • If you believe you have already completed your training for this academic year, please contact Institutional Equity & Compliance, or 909-537-5669 or SH-131, M-F 8am-5pm.
  • If you have to take an extra training as a leader on campus (Greek, Club-Org Officer or Athlete), called 'Campus Leader' and you have not completed it, and you haven't completed the regular student training either, TWO registration holds will be applied to your account, until they are completed.
  • If you have a hold, take your training immediately to avoid Spring registration delays (or subsequent terms, until it's completed).
  • Upon completion, holds are NOT released immediately but only through an automated process within 24 hours. They are NOT released manually by the office staff.
  • To see if your hold is released yet, login to myCoyote, click My Status and then Training Status. Look under the column for the current Academic Year; if the Completed Date is listed, your hold is released. If it's not listed, you still need to do your training.
  • If the hold is not released as scheduled (within 24 hours of completion), please contact our office at, providing your Coyote ID and the details. The office staff will NOT release holds manually.
  • See question, 'Where and when can I verify that my Training to End Sexual Violence is fulfilled?' for additional details.
What if the subject is upsetting to me or I have concerns?
  • We understand that the subject of this training may be difficult for some, as it contains some sensitive material involving sexual violence prevention.
  • If you need sexual violence survivor’s advocacy support, please refer to our Resources page for a list of confidential resources, on and off campus.
  • If you are a survivor of sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, or stalking, you may request a private, alternate trauma-informed training with Campus Advocate. Contact us at or 909-537-5669 to make arrangements.
Who needs to take this training, why, and are there alternatives or opting out options?
  • All currently enrolled students, including: graduating seniors, online, masters, doctorate, College of Extended and Global Education (Open University and International), Greeks, Clubs-Orgs, Athletes, Resident Assistants, and Employees who are also students must take this training.
  • Survivors of sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, or stalking can contact our office for a private, alternate trauma-informed training option at 
  • Students cannot opt out or receive an exemption because this training is mandated by CSU Executive Orders and state and federal laws.
  • Employee training in Skillport (EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence) contains “responsible employee” elements and is different than the content featured in the required student training.
  • We understand some students feel this training is completely unnecessary for various reasons and circumstances. Since it is a mandate, we encourage students to learn how to watch out for each other, their loved ones and the community.
Do all students take the same Training?
  •  “Not Anymore" Online Training program, has three modules: new undergraduate students, continuing undergraduate students and graduate/post-baccalaureate students—you will receive a link according to your class and student status. Look for the section 'Incomplete Assignments' and the current academic year in the title.
Where and when can I verify that my Training to End Sexual Violence is fulfilled?
  • You can check your status by logging in to myCoyote and click My Status, then Training Status. Look under the Academic Year column; if you do not see any training listed for the current Academic Year, then training has not been completed. Do so by the deadline to ensure a smooth process for Spring registration (or subsequent terms until completed).
  • If you believe you have already completed your training for this academic year, please contact Institutional Equity & Compliance, or 909-537-5669 or SH-131, M-F 8am-5pm.
  • After completion of the online program, there is an automated process in place for the training to populate your record, within 24 hours (it is not immediate).
  • After attending an in-person event, it may take a few business days, because it’s a manual process for our office.
  • Look at our Training page for additional details.
What if I have unanswered questions?

You may email

What are the specific laws and Executive Orders which relate to this requirement?

Federal laws—The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) and the Campus SaVE Act
California State law SB 967
CSU Executive Order 1095, Revised December 24, 2021 (pages 18-19)

Colleges and universities are required to provide preventative training to students and staff in order to bring awareness and help foster a cultural shift to decrease incidents of sexual violence on all campuses.

Does Coyote First Step or SOAR provide the mandatory training?

No, what they provide is general Title IX information.
All students will receive an email in early August from our office with details about the Training to End Sexual Violence.

What if I want to report something or learn about campus policies and procedures?

For more information regarding Title IX, Reporting Options and University Policies and Procedures please visit our Filing a Report page or Executive Orders page.

Will my information be private if I choose to take the online training program, “Not Anymore?”

CSUSB ITS Security has thoroughly reviewed the information security controls of Student Success™ to ensure that no personally identifiable information—other than information necessary to establish the status on the completion of the training—is collected, archived, shared with any other third parties or used for any other purpose without explicit authorization of the university.

If I am part of a Greek/Club-Org/Athlete, do I have to take an additional training?
  • An EXTRA, supplemental training is required for members of Greeks, Club-Org Officer and Athletes.
  • This is in ADDITION to the regular student Training to End Sexual Violence. 
  • Check with your Leader for the details or email
  • This is mandated by CSU Executive Orders.
  • Also see question, 'What is 'Campus Leader' and why do I have to do more than one training?” for important details.
What is "Campus Leader" and why do I have to do more than one training?
  • Supplementary training is required for specific groups on campus, such as Athletes, Greeks and Clubs-Org Officers, per CSU Executive Orders.
  • If a training is greyed out, it means there is another training you need to take FIRST. Upon completion, click the button to return to the assignment page and look under "Incomplete Assignments."
  • If both Campus Leader and the regular student training are not completed by the deadline, TWO registration holds will be applied to the student's account, until they are completed.
  • Contact your leader or coach if you have additional questions, or email
  • Also see question, “If I am part of a Greek/Club-Org/Athlete, do I have to take an additional training?”
Why are there questions to answer when taking the online training?
  • Based on the feedback from previous years, we have decided to include content-specific questions to ensure student engagement.
  • The percentage you receive on the training has no bearing on your academic performance.