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Two IEC staff stand behind table with resources
IEC staff, Abbygail Miranda and Katie Oaks
SAAM Resource Fair – April 24, 2024

The SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) Resource Fair provided students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to explore the support services available for survivors, both on campus and in the local community. Intentionally planned on Denim Day, the SAAM Resource Fair emphasized the importance of working together to prevent sexual violence and ensure a safe campus community. To kick-off the event, IEC staff spoke on the history of SAAM, the relevance of Denim Day, and the support of the agencies and organizations present at the fair. The IEC table facilitated an interactive activity for students to take a deeper look at the media they are consuming (shows, movies, books, etc.) and reflect on how stalking is portrayed, many times as romantic. 

Three CSUSB staff stand in front of screen that reads "Boundaries Bring us Closer"
Claudia Ochoa (SAS Advocate), Katie Oaks (IEC), and Lizbeth Felix (SAS Student Assistant)
Boundaries Bring us Closer Workshop - April 16, 2024

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Institutional Equity and Compliance partnered with Survivor Advocacy Services to facilitate “Boundaries Bring us Closer: A Workshop on Setting and Expressing Boundaries.” This workshop provided a space for participants to both build an understanding for the foundations and importance of boundaries, as well as practice articulating these boundaries via scenarios that reflected different types of relationships (co-workers, family, friends, significant others, etc.). IEC staff designed an activity and correlating worksheet that helped guide participants through self-reflection, identifying their stressors, desires, and personal values that lay the foundation for the boundaries they may implement in their lives.

Table at resource fair, with coloring pages, swag items, and educational materials. Tablecloth reads "Institutional Equity and Compliance"
Resource table for Institutional Equity and Compliance
Health Howl – April 9, 2024

At the beginning of April, the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance attended “Health Howl”, an event hosted by The Retreat to give students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to explore information and activities related to the multiple dimensions of wellness. The IEC table provided participants an opportunity to utilize coloring pages designed by Recognize Violence, Create Change, with messages related to consent culture and survivor empowerment, to practice self-care. This mindfulness activity was presented alongside educational materials and resources representative of the Nondiscrimination Policy, including bystander intervention, discrimination against protected classes, and sexual harassment awareness.

Poster board reads "Which intervention method works best for you?" with a grid underneath: Delay, Distract, Direct, and Delegate. Votes tallied in each section
Spring Fest - March 26, 2024

In anticipation of Spring Break, the Student Health Center hosted Spring Fest. This event provided students with important information regarding safety over the break. CSUSB departments and local agencies empowered students with crucial education surrounding substance use, the importance of hydration, and other key elements of holistic health. The IEC table focused on educating students on the practical ways they can intervene in crisis situations. Participants received information about the "4 D's" of bystander intervention (Delay, Distract, Direct, and Delegate) then had the opportunity to cast their vote on which method they believed would work best for them in various scenarios. This activity served as a reminder that we never know when a situation may happen that requires intervention, so it is best to be prepared.