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What We Do

Each CSU campus must have a Title IX Coordinator to oversee the Title IX responsibilities of addressing sexual discrimination, harassment and violence in an educational institution's academic, educational, extracurricular and athletic activities (both on and off campus). Title IX protects all people regardless of their gender or gender identity.

Our TitleIX_Brochure_2016.pdf has a helpful overview of what we do.

What to Report

All allegations of sexual discrimination, sexual or gender harassment, sexual misconduct or retaliation on the basis of sex, gender or sexual orientation which are made against staff, faculty, students, applicants or other Third Parties associated with the campus should be reported. Please know that it is illegal to be retaliated against for reporting an incident or participating in an investigation of a complaint.

We urge you to contact the Title IX Coordinator, with questions, concerns and to ensure that your case is handled appropriately and that you are utilizing the correct complaint procedure. The Title IX Coordinator will discuss your situation with you and explain the campus process, including what complaint procedures are available to you. The Executive Orders are part of our campus' efforts to widely communicate which procedures should be followed according to the status of the filer and the alleged harasser. You can submit either electronically or in person, to or Institutional Equity & Compliance, Sierra Hall, Room 131.

Student Complaint Form - If you would like to submit your concern, please click on the "File a report here" of this website; or, you may send an email at, call us (909-537-5669) or come to our office (Sierra Hall, Room 131).

Employees and Third Parties Complaint Form - If you would like to submit your concern, please complete the Complaint Form for Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation Complaints, located as an Attachment on the left navigation bar of 

on the California State University website. After completing:

  • Save the form to your device, or print it
  • Submit either electronically or in person
  • Submit to:

OR if the allegations involve Sex Discrimination and/or Sexual Harassment, except Sexual Violence which cannot be informally resolved, you may submit your concern to CSUSB's Title IX Coordinator. Click on the "File a report here"  of this website; or, you may send an email (, call us (909-537-5669) or come to our office (Sierra Hall, Room 131).

When to Report Directly to the Police

Any acts of criminal sexual activity and incidents of sexual violence such as sexual assault, sexual coercion and dating or domestic violence should be reported to the University Police Department (UPD) immediately at (909) 537-7777. For all emergencies, call 9-1-1. The Title IX Coordinator will work with the police on cases which are reported to them. A campus administrative investigation may occur concurrently with a criminal investigation.

If you become aware of a brewing situation, it is better to be proactive and have the threat not fully materialize than to look the other way and have the situation escalate out of control. Do not assume that someone else is taking care of it – you may be the first or only person to notice something of concern.