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Pregnancy, Lactation, and Parenting Resources

Lactation Rooms for Nursing Mothers

In accordance with state and federal law, CSUSB provides support for mothers who are breastfeeding. 

In order to support our nursing employees, students, and their children, CSUSB provides private space and reasonable break time for lactating mothers to express milk or nurse their child. These spaces are located at various locations throughout the campus. Some spaces do require reservation. Please note that we do not offer equipment or refrigerator space.

Students are encouraged to work with their instructors to accommodate lactating needs. Employees are encouraged to work with the Human Resources Department and their appropriate administrator for assistance.

Additional Resources


The following locations are available:

CSUSB Main Campus Lactation Rooms

Building/Room For more information or to request space

Santos Manuel Student Union


Contact the Information Desk (909)537-5940

or visit SU-115

Student Health Center


Contact the Health Center (909) 537-5241

or visit HC Lobby 

Physical Science Building


Contact Health Science and Human Ecology

(909)537-5339 or visit PS-226

Sierra Hall

Human Resources

Contact Human Resources (909) 537-5138

or visit SH-110

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Contact the Infant/Toddler Lab School

(909)537-5661 or visit SB-145

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus Lactation Rooms
Building/Room For more information or to request space

Health Sciences Building


Contact the PDC Health Center (909) 537-8177 

or visit HS-119