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Roadmap to STEM Degree

Roadmap Requirements

In their first year, transfer scholars will be:

  1. Required to take a 2-unit “Introduction to STEM and STEM Research” (NSCI 3010) course in the first year after transfer. This course is intended to rapidly acclimate transfer students to the culture of a university, CSUSB in particular, and STEM as an active research discipline. Interactions with a rich variety of scientific and cultural institutions on campus will be included. The PI (Principal Investigator) or one of the Mentors will organize and be the primary instructor for this course that will also include, as available, a diverse group of scientists as guest instructors, as well as a variety of evidence-based learning strategies;
  2. Meet with peer mentor and faculty mentors regularly;
  3. Expected to undertake required coursework for their majors. Peer Mentors and assigned Faculty Mentors can assist with course selection.

For more information about degree roadmaps for each program, visit CSUSB undergraduate degree program page.