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Quest for Excellence

  • The California State University San Bernardino - College of Natural Sciences, "Quest for Excellence" campaign, has been established to     
  •  Raise private support for scholarships (to assist those in need, and to bring the best and brightest to campus)
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  • Professorships (to help recruit and retain the best faculty)
  • Endowed chairs (to recruit and retain top scholars)
  • Research initiatives (to help create new knowledge to help our students and the world around us)
  • Facilities and equipment (to provide the best environment for learning)

Benefits to You

Often, the pure satisfaction of having an impact on someone else's life is sufficient reason for giving. Occasionally, you need other reasons to part with your hard-earned funds. Here are a few ways that giving can actually have an important impact on YOUR life.

  • Save Taxes! This is one of the more obvious benefits derived through careful planning in charitable giving. While you know that your gift is tax deductible, you may not realize that it can be spread over multiple years (up to six), if needed.
  • Avoid Capital Gains Taxes! Because of the tremendous appreciation in the value of stocks and other property, you can take advantage of giving opportunities which help you completely avoid the burden of taxes on appreciated property.
  • Receive Income for Life! You can convert low-income producing property to a variety of charitable gift instruments which not only help you save on income and capital gains taxes, but also give you a higher rate of income for the rest of your life.
  • Reduce the Cost of Passing Wealth on to Family Members! The significant appreciation of estates has created likely possibility of high estate taxes. There are charitable gift arrangements which can help you and family members save considerable amounts of money in the transfer of wealth.