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Division of University Advancement

Welcome to University Advancement at California State University San Bernardino! 

University Advancement helps to create awareness and cultivate long-term relationships that increase understanding and secure support for CSUSB’s students, faculty and staff. 

We engage donors, alumni, elected officials, and members of the community to support CSUSB in its mission to transform the lives of students in our region.  



We create life-changing opportunities for people around the world.


We provide access to and help shape exceptional education through creative storytelling, inspiring relationships and audacious philanthropic goals.


We are passionate about supporting the future leaders of tomorrow and, therefore, center work around meeting the needs of our students.

We value diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our success depends on diversity of thought, open conversation and the celebration of our differences and similarities.

We thrive through collaboration, coming together to share our expertise and to create innovative solutions.

We understand that success is built on integrity.

We hold ourselves accountable to high ethical standards in order to build trust with our communities.


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