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Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education (CEME)

What CEME offers:

  1. Create and sustain partnerships with schools, districts, and local counties.
  2. Provide ongoing coherent teacher professional development programs, as well as self-contained workshops and institutes.
  3. Build leadership capacity in local schools and districts.
  4. Assist teachers in earning their California teaching credential.
  5. Provide supportive resources for local teachers to enrich instruction and to fill in knowledge gaps. Begin this process while students are undergraduates.
  6. Provide incentives and mentoring for pre-service teachers to work in low-performing schools
  7. Develop and offer seminars on teaching strategies for TA’s, part-time faculty and full time faculty at CSUSB and other interested institutions.
  8. Raise funds to carry out the activities described above.


Mrs. Kelli Wasserman
Math Department Lecturer, CSUSB

Dr. Madeleine Jetter
Math Department Chair, CSUSB

Dr. Jeremy Aikin, 
Math Department Associate Professor, CSUSB

Office Specialist III
Ms. Tawney Hall