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Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) & Institutes

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom FLC

The purpose of this Faculty Learning Community, co-funded by the University Diversity Committee (UDC)and the TRC, and co-facilitated by members of the UDC is to provide interested faculty members with time, space, and support to investigate in an interdisciplinary, collaborative setting questions regarding diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Participants will meet monthly to discuss readings, develop assignments, and reflect on their teaching practices and experiences. In addition, there will be a (no more than) 3 day Institute in the summer.

ePortfolio as High Impact Practice

The purpose of this institute is to provide faculty members time, space, and support to investigate, in an interdisciplinary and collaborative setting, the benefits and complexities of ePortfolios, with the goal of incorporating ePortfolios into their quarter courses and future semester courses. ePortfolios are the latest addition to AAC&U’s list of high-impact educational practices, and higher education has developed a range of ways to implement them for integrative learning, programmatic assessment, and career development. ePortfolios enable students to electronically collect their work over time, reflect upon their personal and academic growth, and then share selected items with others, such as professors, advisors, and potential employers. Because collection over time is a key element of the ePortfolio process, employing ePortfolios in collaboration with other high-impact practices provides opportunities for students to make connections between various educational experiences. 

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[Last updated October 2019]