Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) & Institutes

For further information about FLCs and Institutes, please contact TRC.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom FLC

The purpose of this Faculty Learning Community, co-funded by the University Diversity Committee (UDC)and the TRC, and co-facilitated by Mary Boland (TRC/English) and Jeff Tan (UDC/Counseling Services) is to provide interested faculty members with time, space, and support to investigate in an interdisciplinary, collaborative setting questions regarding diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Participants will meet monthly (one Monday per month, Noon to 2 p.m.) in Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Winter 2017 to discuss readings, develop assignments, and reflect on their teaching practices and experiences. In addition, there will be a (no more than) 3 day Institute in early summer.

CNS Online/Hybrid FLC

The purpose of this three-day institute and A/Y workshops on online and hybrid teaching is to provide CNS faculty members with the time, space, support, and resources to investigate and implement principles of high-quality online and hybrid teaching. Participants will be expected to study some literature regarding how people learn and online/hybrid teaching practices, to consider what high-quality online/hybrid teaching might look like, and to design, implement and assess the impact of at least one online/hybrid module into a course s/he will teach during AY 2016-17. Note that this is not a how-to workshop, but is intended to focus on pedagogical approaches for effective design and implementation of an online/hybrid environment. All full-time and part-time CNS faculty are eligible to participate.


The purpose of the Facilitation Learning Community, led by Q2S Director Kim Costino and TRC Interim Director Davida Fischman, is to provide time, space, resources, and support to enhance and practice our facilitation skills. We will study selected research on community-building and facilitating inquiry-based learning/conversation. Participants will be expected to meet monthly, read selected literature, and to practice facilitation in some context.  The NFLC will meet one Friday every month, January-December 2017, 12-3 pm (includes a working lunch).

  • New(er) Faculty Learning Community (Yrs. 2-4)

The purpose of this Faculty Learning Community (NFLC), facilitated by TRC Director Davida Fischman, is to provide faculty members in years 1-4 with Dme, space, support, and resources to invesDgate and integrate high-impact, evidence-based teaching pracDces in a course (or courses) of their choosing. ParDcipants will be expected to meet monthly as a group, to read and parDcipate in discussions about the literature regarding evidence-based teaching pracDces, how people learn, and best course design principles and to integrate and assess the impact of at least one evidence-based teaching into a course s/ he will teach by Fall 2017. The NFLC will meet one Friday every month, January-December 2017, 11:30am-1:30pm.

  • Principles of Program Design

As part of the Q2S transformation process, many of us will be considering rethinking our programs.  TRC, in collaboration with the Q2S team, is sponsoring a year-long workshop to delve deeply into principles of program design.  Departments and programs have sent teams of 2-4 faculty to engage in this learning.  Teams will collaborate both within and across disciplines to learn about principles of program design, and to consider how these might apply to our transformative work. The workshops (June 2016, September 2016 and December 2016) began with a 4-day institute, and are continuing with monthly meetings in the 2016-17 academic year.

Tech Fellows will work closely with ATI and the TRC to support faculty in their use of technology for teaching and learning. Tech Fellows will participate in a 2-day workshop to be held December 12-13, 2016.  During the workshop, Tech Fellows will collaborate to create a project or projects to support faculty interested in using tech tools to enhance instruction and learning. Project(s) might be faculty/student learning modules for specific software, workshops for faculty or students, teaching tools/instruments, etc.  During the academic year, Tech Fellows will spend 15 hours in the TRC Faculty Sandbox (FO-182) per quarter and participate in a quarterly Sandbox meeting (dates TBD). Sandbox hours will be somewhat like office hours -- other CSUSB faculty will be encouraged to visit the Tech Fellows during their hours in the Sandbox to discuss ideas, work through strategies and/or receive tutoring from Tech Fellows. When there are no faculty attendees during Sandbox hours, Tech Fellows will work on their projects.

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