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Grant Programs by Category

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Grant Programs by Application Deadlines

Faculty Development Grant Program Sponsors 2018-2019

Teaching Resource Center
Dr. Jo Anna Grant, Director
Phone: 909-537-7424 TRC Website 

Center for International Studies & Programs 
Hyun-Kyoung Oh, Faculty Director 
Phone: 909-537-5793 Center for International Studies & Programs

Office of Student Research 
Danielle White, Administrative Support Coordinator​​​​​​​
Phone: 909-537-7588 Office of Student Research

Office of Community Engagement
Faculty Center for Excellence

Cherstin Lyon, Co-Director
Phone: 909-537-3836 Facultly Center for Excellence 

College of Arts & Letters 
Rueyling Chuang, Interim Dean
Phone:909-537-5800 College of Arts and Letters 

Jack Brown College of Business and Public Administration 
Monty Van Wart, Project Consultant
Phone: 909-537-5758 Jack Brown College of Business & Public Administration 

Inland Empire Center for Entrepeneurship 
Mike Stull, Director
Phone: 909-537-3217 Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship