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Winter Intersession

Winter Intersession Tuition Fees

Resident and Non-Resident
Graduate Status Tuition Fee (per unit)
Undergraduate $320.00/Unit
Graduate $340.00/Unit

* Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

* Masters in Accountancy (M.S.A.) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

* Masters in Public Administration (M.P.A.) online courses require an additional $105 per unit.

* Masters in Information Systems Technology (MS IST) program requires an additional $270 per unit.

* MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSEI) requires an additional $270 per unit.


Other Student Charges

Some programs may require additional charges.  In addition, some classes may have a class/lab fee.  The applicable fee will be notated under the fee heading next to its respective class in the Class Schedule.

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Important Dates


Winter Intersession 2023 Schedule of Important Dates
Description Date
Winter Intersession Registration Begins 11/07/2022
Open Enrollment Begins 11/07/2022
Late Registration Begins 11/28/2022

Tuition and Registration Fees Due


Pre-Payment of Tuition and Registration Fees Begins 12/07/2022
First Day of Winter Intersession 12/16/2022



Last Day of Classes 01/17/2022
Last Day of Term 01/18/2022