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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit - Get your refund faster!

How To Enroll in Direct Deposit

How it Works

When financial aid disburses to a student, in most cases, it posts like any other "payment" to their CSUSB student account.  Most financial aid pays all fees due including tuition, campus fees, housing, meals and other qualifying charges. When a student is enrolled in Direct Deposit, any remaining credit is then sent as a direct deposit directly into a student's bank account.  In most cases, deposited funds are posted to a student's bank account within three business days. 

If for any reason a student's bank account changes or is closed, the student is responsible for canceling or updating the direct deposit information on file. Failure to do so may cause a delay in processing the refund.

Students who have overpaid or dropped courses and need to request a refund may also use this direct deposit feature. Simply enroll in direct deposit prior to submitting a Refund Request Form.

Enroll in Direct Deposit

Important Note

At the beginning of each term, or when you anticipate receiving a refund, please verify that your bank account information is correct. If you find the information is incorrect or outdated, please make any necessary changes.  All changes are effective immediately for future refunds.  Direct Deposit is not available to parents receiving refunds for Federal PLUS Loans and will be issued by check.

Direct Deposit Requirements

  1. The student must have access to their Student Center on myCoyote.
  2. The student must have an open and valid checking/savings account.