What's Happening?


August 3, 2017
The new curriulum C-Form is ready. Navigate to the Office of Academic Programs for the link to the form, user guides, and tutorial.

Steering Committee Discussion Items

Below is a chart of issues and questions on which the Steering Committee has made a recommendation, is currently discussing, or will address.

Decisions & Recommendations Currently under discussion Upcoming*
Values and Guiding Principles Policies & FAM review Semesters!
Faculty Workload Campaign to graduate before semesters
GE Parameters Advising plan
Curriculum Freeze Post-Curriculum Development Guide
Faculty/Staff Pledge Tuition and Campus Fees
Definitions of Program Conversion/Transformation
Funding Structure for Program Conversion/Transformation
Misc. Course Fee Approval Policy
Number of units required for undergraduate full-time status
Course numbering
Unit Structure for majors, minors, grad programs.
Number of units required for graduate full-time status
Academic Calendar & Registration Dates
GE Structure Video
GE Structure Survey
Q2S funding beyond curriculum development
Conversion specific policies
Non-instructional dates/deadlines
*not an exhaustive list of items