What's Happening?


August 3, 2017
The new curriulum C-Form is ready. Navigate to the Office of Academic Programs for the link to the form, user guides, and tutorial.

Steering Committee Discussion Items

Below is a chart of issues and questions on which the Steering Committee has made a recommendation, is currently discussing, or will address.

Decisions & Recommendations Currently under discussion Upcoming*
Values and Guiding Principles

GE Structure Video
GE Structure Survey

Campaign to graduate before semesters
Faculty Workload Q2S funding beyond curriculum development Advising plan
GE Parameters Academic Calendar Conversion specific policies
Curriculum Freeze Policies & FAM review Registration dates
Faculty/Staff Pledge   Non-instructional dates/deadlines
Definitions of Program Conversion/Transformation   Post-Curriculum Development Guide
Funding Structure for Program Conversion/Transformation   Tuition and Campus Fees
Misc. Course Fee Approval Policy    
Number of units required for undergraduate full-time status    
Course numbering    
Unit Structure for majors, minors, grad programs.    
Number of units required for graduate full-time status    
*not an exhaustive list of items