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Q2S Steering Committee Membership

As of September 1, 2020, the Semester Conversion Office has closed. As a result, this site is no longer being maintained. If you need assistance, please send an email to and your email will be routed to someone who can help.

Steering Committee members are:

  1. Grace King, Q2S Q2S Director
  2. Thomas Provenzano, Q2S Director
  3. Craig Seal, Q2S Director
  4. M. Monir Ahmed, Co-Chair, Budget Subcommittee
  5. Patrick Bungard, Invitee
  6. Leslie Bryan, Lecturer Representative
  7. Ron Chen, Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee
  8. Dorothy Chen-Maynard, Co-Chair, Advising Subcommittee
  9. Reuyling, Chuang, Dean, College of Arts & Letters
  10. Lynne Diaz-Ricco, Graduate Council Representative
  11. Joan Fryxell, Co-Chair, Student Support Services Subcommittee
  12. Adonis Galarza-Toledo, At-Large Undergraduate Student
  13. Janelle Gilbert, Co-Chair, Co-Chair, Curriculum Development Subcommittee
  14. Jo Anna Grant, Director, Teaching Resource Center
  15. Nathan Jones, At-large Staff Member
  16. Karen Kolehmainen, At-large Faculty Member
  17. Marcia Marx, California Faculty Association Representative
  18. Rafik Mohamed, Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  19. Terri Nelson, Co-Chair, Communication Subcommittee
  20. Alexandru Roman, Co-Chair, Budget Subcommittee
  21. Olivia Rosas, Co-Chair, Student Support Services Subcommittee
  22. Samuel Sudhakar, Vice President of Information Technology Services
  23. Roberta Salgado, At-Large Graduate Student
  24. Beth Steffel, Faculty Senate Chair
  25. Robert Tenczar, Co-Chair, Communications Subcommittee
  26. Caroline Vickers, Faculty Director of Graduate Studies
  27. Clare Weber, Invitee
  28. Kim Wobick, At-Large Faculty Member