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Q2S Steering Committee Membership

Steering Committee members are:

  1. Grace King, Q2S Q2S Director
  2. Thomas Provenzano, Q2S Director
  3. Craig Seal, Q2S Director
  4. M. Monir Ahmed, Co-Chair, Budget Subcommittee
  5. Patrick Bungard, Invitee
  6. Leslie Bryan, Lecturer Representative
  7. Ron Chen, Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee
  8. Dorothy Chen-Maynard, Co-Chair, Advising Subcommittee
  9. Reuyling, Chuang, Dean, College of Arts & Letters
  10. Lynne Diaz-Ricco, Graduate Council Representative
  11. Joan Fryxell, Co-Chair, Student Support Services Subcommittee
  12. Adonis Galarza-Toledo, At-Large Undergraduate Student
  13. Janelle Gilbert, Co-Chair, Co-Chair, Curriculum Development Subcommittee
  14. Jo Anna Grant, Director, Teaching Resource Center
  15. Nathan Jones, At-large Staff Member
  16. Karen Kolehmainen, At-large Faculty Member
  17. Marcia Marx, California Faculty Association Representative
  18. Rafik Mohamed, Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
  19. Terri Nelson, Co-Chair, Communication Subcommittee
  20. Alexandru Roman, Co-Chair, Budget Subcommittee
  21. Olivia Rosas, Co-Chair, Student Support Services Subcommittee
  22. Samuel Sudhakar, Vice President of Information Technology Services
  23. Roberta Salgado, At-Large Graduate Student
  24. Beth Steffel, Faculty Senate Chair
  25. Robert Tenczar, Co-Chair, Communications Subcommittee
  26. Caroline Vickers, Faculty Director of Graduate Studies
  27. Clare Weber, Invitee
  28. Kim Wobick, At-Large Faculty Member