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Faculty Stipends

As of September 1, 2020, the Semester Conversion Office has closed. As a result, this site is no longer being maintained. If you need assistance, please send an email to and your email will be routed to someone who can help.

Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy: Faculty Stipends

Applying for Funds

The Q2S transformation process provides a one-time stipend or professional development (PD) award of up to $1,500 for faculty to engage in professional development around teaching. Proposals may be submitted either individually or for a whole workshop, faculty learning community, etc; when a whole workshop proposal or faculty learning community is approved, all participants automatically qualify for the Q2S enhanced pedagogy stipend if they have not already received one. In that case, there is no need to submit an individual proposal; however an individual application will be necessary. See information about individual project proposals and group proposals below.

Please note that there are two options:

  1. Individual Projects: participation in a pre-approved professional development opportunity, for which you submit a proposal to the Q2S office in advance in order to obtain approval (i.e. before participating in the PD), or
  2. Group Projects (FLCs): participation in a pre-approved, “in-house” PD opportunity (offered or sponsored, for example, by ATI, TRC, FCE, Q2S, etc.), in which case you do not need to apply individually to have your Q2S Enhancing Pedagogy project approved.

Eligible faculty: Tenure-line faculty, lecturers with at least a one-year appointment, and FERPing faculty. FERPing faculty may take the funds only as PD funds, not stipends.

In order to qualify for Q2S stipends, PD opportunities must focus on teaching and involve sustained study around an issue related to teaching. They must include:

  1. At least 24 contact hours (projects of less than 24 contact hours will not be approved). Contact hours means interaction with other faculty/professionals regarding this topic. This could include workshops, conferences, meetings or other kinds of discussions.
  2. Engagement around a set of scholarly readings addressing the topic.
  3. Development of a product related to this teaching issue that can be shared via the campus ScholarWorks website.

Individual Projects:

To receive approval for these stipends, please submit a brief proposal that includes the following (save your proposal in .pdf format to upload with your application): 

  1. Title and description of the pedagogy or teaching-related issue that will be studied,
  2. Timeline as it relates to the study and product (Contact hours must be at least 24 hours),
  3. List of scholarly readings to be engaged in this study, and
  4. The product(s) that will be created. 

Please submit your proposals using our online application form. You must use your employee ID number @ email address in order to access the online application. Applications will usually be processed within 1-2 weeks, except during breaks.

Group Projects: Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

Departments, colleges, programs and other academic groups might want to consider organizing a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) that would qualify for the Q2S Enhanced Pedagogy Stipends. If the project is approved, participants who are accepted to your activity, will need to apply through Google Forms. Instructions will be emailed to the facilitator, or whomever submitted the FLC proposal. FLCs may request monies upfront to help defray travel costs, speakers or other project expenses; in return, participant stipends will be reduced. Note, however, that only one Q2S-EP stipend is allowable per faculty member who meets the criteria, even if the stipend is for less than $1,500. Contact Q2S for more information and some funding model examples for FLCs.

Please email group proposals to with the subject “Q2S-EP FLC Proposal.” Group proposals should meet the same criteria as individual proposals. Please note that, ideally, on-campus workshop days should be scheduled on non-academic year days.

Receiving your stipend

Instructions for receiving your stipend are found on the Documenting your Q2S-Enhancing Pedagogy Project page. Project documentation will be housed in the CSUSB ScholarWorks repository.

  • To receive professional development funds, work must be submitted in ScholarWorks by 3/1/2020. Funds must be spent by 4/30/2020.
  • To receive a stipend payout, work must be submitted in ScholarWorks by 5/1/2020.

CSUSB ScholarWorks is an open access digital repository that showcases and preserves the research, scholarship, creative works, pedagogical materials and other publications related to CSUSB. Once this repository is ready for Q2S projects, no further projects will be accepted by email.