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Q2S Enhanced Pedagogy: Faculty Stipends (Q2S-EP)

All faculty with at least a one-year appointment may apply for the Q2S Enhanced Pedagogy Stipends ($1500). Stipends require at least 24 contact hours of engagement in sustained study of an issue related to teaching, as well as the development of a 'product' (exact nature of which is proposed by the faculty member) that can be shared with others. Find out more information on the Q2S-EP Faculty Stipends page.

Track Due Dates

P& C-Forms are due to the college curriculum committee on the following days below for the program's track. Make sure to allow enough time for the P& C-Forms to process through your department's curriculum committee (if applicable) and your department chair. Delays to these strict timelines will cause a backlog in the curriculum review process on many levels and hinder advising for students affected by the semester transition.

Track 3

Due to college curriculum committee: October 31, 2018

Track 1

Due to college curriculum committee: October 31, 2017

Track 2

Due to college curriculum committee: March 31, 2018

Detailed Q2S Due Dates

For a detailed list of all curriculum related due dates, please visit: The list is broken down as one whole list ordered chronologically and then tracks are broken down below with only track due dates.

Q2S Documents (CSUSB)

Designing a curriculum that prepares our students for success after graduating from CSUSB remains a high priority of the Quarter2Semester transition. These four documents are the beginning of the transition. Faculty/departments are provided with the opportunity to convert their courses to a semester calendar or take a deeper look at the courses and transform the program.

  1. Procedure for Q2S Enhanced Pedagogy Stipends
  2. Program Development Checklist
  3. Curriculum Approval Forms (scroll to bottom of page)
  4. General Education Documents and Resources
  5. Curriculum Resources (ie Learning Outcomes, CS Codes/K Factors, calendars, etc.)
  6. Curriculum Development Guide
  7. Proposal: Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Transformation/Conversion Proposal
  9. Transformation vs. Conversion Definitions

The Steering Committee will review recommendations from the Curriculum Subcommittee on proposals submitted.

Curriculum Approval Forms

The online process for curriculum approval is live! Faculty will use Courseleaf's CIM (pronounced Kim) product to submit curriculum to the department, college, and university curriculum committees.  CIM is a fully interactive form to guide faculty through the curriculum approval process.

To gain access to CIM, training videos, and user guides, please visit Curriculum Forms on the Academic Program's website. The C-Form training videos are now located once you are signed into CIM by clicking on Help and then Custom Documentation (note: you may need to expand the window to see custom documentation).