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Hanover Research

Hanover Research provides grant development and strategic advising support to education and healthcare organizations. Their grant professionals deliver customized proposal review, revision, and production support, while also helping to align faculty needs and strategic priorities t funding trends and federal, state, and foundation grant opportunities. Some of the benefits of working with Hanover are: Pre-Proposal Support – Facilitating the assessment and development of competitive project concepts, helping to navigate funder requirements and build relationships prior to completing submissions; Proposal Support – Supporting member-led grant proposal projects by providing review and revision services designed to ensure the strongest possible proposals are submitted; and Proposal Development – For programmatic grants, leading proposal production projects as primary writer in close coordination with member teams, developing iterative narrative drafts over a defined timeline towards a polished submission.

Faculty interested in working with Hanover, must first consult with Dr. Cynthia Crawford who will first assess readiness based on proposal, proposal reviews/scores, and the like, then provide an e-introduction of faculty to the Hanover Content Director. We have received only positive reviews from faculty who have worked with Hanover.

Funding Workshop with Hanover for the National Endowment for the Humanities