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Mini-Grants Awarded 2019-2020

Congratulations! To all Mini-Grant recipients. All awardees are encouraged to contact their college’s Administrative Analyst/Specialist (AA/S) for information about how you access Mini-Grant funds. Based on the recommendations of the College Professional Awards Committee, the following are the 2019-2020 Mini-Grant awardees:


2019-2020 Mini-Grant Awardees
Name Department College
Jane Chin Davidson Art CAL
Luz Elena Ramirez English CAL
Allen Menton Music CAL
Stacey Fraser Music CAL
Matthew Davidson Philosophy CAL
Christopher Hill Kinesiology CNS
Jason Ng Kinesiology CNS
Codi Lazar Geological Sciences CNS
Jeffrey Meyer Mathematics CNS
Anthony Metcalf Biology CNS
Jennifer Alford Geography & Environmental Studies CSBS
Dionisio Amodeo Psychology CSBS
Richard Addante Psychology CSBS
Yasemin Dildar Economics CSBS
Xinying Yin Teacher Ed & Foundation COE
Eun-Ok Baek Ed Leadership & Tech COE
Sheng Leh Ed Leadership & Tech COE
Zhonghui Wang Management CBPA
Melika Kordrostami Marketing CBPA
Anthony Silard Public Administration CBPA