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MSF Course Schedule and Dates

2023-24 Class Schedule

Fall 2023 - 8/24-12/15
Course Number Course Title Modality Instructor 
FIN 6772 Quantitative Method for Finance  Thurs. 7 pm CEGE Room 107A Yu Liu
FIN 6773 Financial Market & Environment Online  Meghna Singhvi
FIN 6774 Financial Statement Analysis I Wed. 7 pm CEGE Room 107A Michael Henry
Spring 2024 - 1/16-5/10
Course Number Course Title Modality Instructor
FIN 6776 Advanced Corporate Finance Tues., 7pm-9:45pm, JBH-114 Taewon Yang
FIN 6778 Global Equity Investment Thurs., 7pm-9:45pm, JBH-285 Dong Man Kim
FIN 6779 Fixed Income Fridays, 5:30pm-8:15pm, JBH-114 Rodrigo Cardena

Academic Year 2023-2024

The Master of Science in Finance Program will switch to full 16-week semesters and can be completed in 18 months. 

Fall 2023 - three courses will be offered

Spring 2024 - three courses will be offered

Summer 2024 - three courses will be offered

Fall 2024 - two courses plus the culminating and portfolio courses will be offered.

The Fall 2022 co-hort will be able to complete needed courses when they come up in the AY2023-2024 schedule. 

A new cohort will start in Fall of 2024, for which applications will be due in July 2024.

Any questions abut the new schedule may be directed to the Program Specialist.